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Power Electronics Revision Quiz

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Question 1

Which of the following statement with respect to SMPS is incorrect?

Question 2

There is a feedback control system installed in a plant for which best suitable firing scheme will be

Question 3

On comparison to a 1-ϕ half-bridge inverter, the output power of a single-phase full bridge inverter is higher by a factor of:

Question 4

In a Three phase voltage source inverter operating in square wave mode, the output line voltage is free from which numerical value of harmonics

Question 5

A single phase, half-bridge inverter has input voltage of 48 V DC. Inverter is feeding a load of 2.4 Ω. The rms output voltage of fundamental frequency is,

Question 6

A RL load having L ∞ is supplied by 3-ϕ, 3 pulse, half wave-controlled rectifier with 40° firing angle. The current distortion factor is ______ if freewheeling diode is also connected across load.

Question 7

Consider a single-phase fully controlled bridge converter supplying 20 A constant current to inductive load. Voltage ripple factor is _______ if supply voltage is 230 V and firing angle is 30°.

Question 8

A DC drive runs at 900 rpm on no load when fed a 200 V DC from a full converter. The input to the converter is 230 V AC supply. If Ia Ra = 0, then firing angle of the converter thyristor to run the motor at 600 rpm is _______.

Question 9

For three-phase fully controlled converter, overlap angle is _____ provided: VLL = 460 V, f = 60 Hz, source inductance = 25 × 10–6H, load voltage = 525 V, and load power = 500 kW.

Question 10

A single-phase inverter has square wave output voltage. What is the percentage of the fifth harmonic component in relation to the fundamental component?

Question 11

A 3-Phase PWM VSI, with input voltage 200volt is there. Its  is given. what will be the peak value of line voltage at the output ?

Question 12

The output voltage and current waveforms of single phase full bridge inverter with R-L Load is shown, where R = 30Ω, L = 0.2 H. The zero crossing instant if fs = 50 Hz is:

Question 13

A buck converter is operating is operating in steady state and continuous conduction mode with a duty of 60%. If the inductor current has a dc component of 5A and peak to peak ripple of 1.5 A . The Rms value of switch current is__________.

Question 14

A 200 V, 1000 rpm, 12 A separately excited DC motor is controlled in constant torque made by using step down dropper. Armature Resistance is 1 Ω. The motor is to be run at 750 rpm, then the duty cycle required if input to the converter is 230 V is

Question 15

In sinusoidal PWM there are ‘m’ cycles of the tr4iangle carrier wave in the half cycle of reference sinusoidal  single. If zero of the reference sinusoid, consider with zero of the triangular carrier wave then number of pulse generated in each half cycle are
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