Plotter is a (an) _____. (a) Input device (b) Output device (c) Storage device (d) Both input and output device

By Ritesh|Updated : October 31st, 2022

The plotter is an output device. The output device receives the data from the processing unit and presents the outcome in a format that can be understood by humans. Examples include a printer, monitor, speaker, plotter, etc. A plotter is a type of printer used to print vector graphics. It receives computer data and prints it out on paper. So it is a device for output. A computer can be programmed with data or instructions using input devices. Examples include a keyboard, mouse, digital camera, scanner, microphone, etc.

Types of Plotters

  • Drum plotters use pens that move to produce the opposite direction of the plot while drawing on paper that is wound around a rotating drum.
  • Flatbed plotters are devices that make drawings on flat-surfaced paper.
  • Using positively charged toner and electrostatic plotters, drawings are made on negatively charged paper.
  • To move the coloured inkjet pens and deliver ink beads in a range of colours to the drawing surface, inkjet plotters use vector graphics technology. They operate in a manner akin to inkjet printers.

Advantages of Plotters

  • apps with a focus. For specialist applications like printing huge amounts of paper on a flatbed printer, plotters can produce high-resolution line drawings, pictures, graphics, and text.
  • a variety of content Plotters may print on materials than paper, including cardboard, plastic, textiles, plywood, and aluminium.
  • Repetition. They may repeatedly use the same pattern without the image quality deteriorates.
  • Quality. Traditional printers can generate similar images to those of a plotter printer, but often without clarity, especially with complex line drawings.


Plotter is a (an) _____. (a) Input device (b) Output device (c) Storage device (d) Both input and output device

An output device is a plotter. The output device gets the information from the processing unit and displays the results in a way that people can understand. A printer, monitor, speaker, plotter, etc. are some examples.


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