PECFEST’19: Tech cum Fun Fest Sponsored by Gradeup

By Neha Dhyani|Updated : November 22nd, 2019

Gradeup (Grade Stack Learning Pvt. Ltd.) is one of India's comprehensive exam preparation platform, used by millions of aspirants across the country. With our website and app, we helped more than 1.5 crores registered students to prepare actively for various exams & score better. Founded in the year 2015, Gradeup is a big part of Times Internet.

PECFEST'19: Tech cum Fun Fest

We have established & nurtured highly engaging exam-specific communities of students and mentors for SSC, Teaching, Banking, GATE, Railways, JEE, UPSC, NEET, Defence, and State level exams. The Gradeup community provides students to solve each other’s doubts and problems collectively, and interactively learn and keep up with each other through mock tests and quizzes.

  • Our Vision is to be India’s most significant and complete online preparation destination for competitive exams.
  • Our Mission is to help students to prepare actively for these exams & score better as we believe that these exams can make a massive impact on a student's life.

Our Presence

PECFest is the annual technical and cultural festival of Punjab Engineering College. This year it was scheduled from 8th to 10th November 2019.

PECFest combined technology and culture to show the synergy between the two. The perfect junction of talent, art, and attractions, PECFest aimed to inculcate passion and industriousness through events that were organized at an avant-garde level. The current version of the PECFest directed towards the participation that echoed focus in an unprecedented extravaganza. Events like Hackathon, Canoe building, RoboWars, Code relays, and Aeromodelling has been a major crowd puller, drawing great participation, and also, offering huge prize amounts. At the same time, the cultural events were also circulated in diverse domains like literary, quizzes, stage shows, drama, modeling, dance, music, etc.

Why Gradeup in PECFEST?

As we are India’s largest competitive exams preparation destination, which is loved by millions of aspirants in the country, we want to engage a higher number of students for their better future.

Few reasons that made Gradeup be a part of PECFEST:

  • Awareness

Gradeup wants to be aware of each student about the latest updates related to the competitive exams they wish to clear. As we know, change in a person can only come when he/she is aware of all the happenings related to the change they want to bring in themselves. Hence, awareness is the greatest reason for bringing change.

Being apprehensive will give you perception into your thoughts and whether your thoughts are helping you or holding you back. So, if you are aware, you will gain knowledge, which leads you to the direction you need to go. Then, you can make the desired changes, improve and be successful.

“Awareness is like the Sun. When it Shines on Things, They are Transformed.”

  • Engagement

Student engagement builds better relationships with other students, staff, and faculty. It improves a student’s personality and enhances their skills that are necessary for driving change. It also creates a caring and safe learning environment and provides the other dimension to the learning process. It also fosters better relationships among participants. Gradeup wants to engage students in a better way.

“To Win in the Marketplace, You Must First Win in the Workplace”

  • Update

The fast-paced era offers new things that are released into the market daily, and it can be unsteady for anyone trying to keep up with that. Adding new skills to your skill set will make you more knowledgeable and ensure that you remain relevant in this fast-paced world. Otherwise, you will lose out to your peers, who may be more updated on the latest trends. Gradeup wants to update every student about the recent happenings going on with the exams, courses, methods, criteria, and so on.

“To be Successful in Life – Plan, Implement, Revise, Update, and Build on Change”

How Gradeup Did It?

We have conducted a quiz contest at PECFEST’19 where a lot of students have participated in it. Additionally, we conducted sessions delivering academic benefits by expanding a student’s knowledge. Also, offering a podium to develop new skills at an early age, in the form of quizzes redefining the education system in numerous ways:

  • Interactive Platform: Where students participate in obtaining knowledge and looking for opportunities to excel in their academics.
  • Changes Scope of Learning: Since questions are based out-of-syllabus, this leads to the requirement of critical thinking, which get students into innovative learning.
  • Encourages Teamwork: The formation of teams while participating in quizzes, giving students a great chance to show their teamwork skills.

“PECFest is proud to announce GRADEUP as their official General Quiz Title sponsor”.

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