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Partnership || 11.07.2021

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Question 1

A and B invest Rs. 3000 and Rs. 4000, respectively in a business. A receives Rs. 10 per month out of the profit as a remuneration for running the business and the rest of the profit is divided in proportion to the investments. If in a  year A totally receives Rs. 390, What does B receive?

Question 2

P, Q, and R are three partners in a business. If P's capital is equal to twice the capital of Q and Q's capital is three  times the capital of R, find the ratio of the capitals of P, Q and R.

Question 3

Four milkmen rented a pasture. A grazed 18 cows for 4 months, B grazed 25 cows for 2 months, C grazed 28 cows for 5 months and D grazed 21 cows for 3 months. If A's share of rent is Rs. 720, what will be the total rent of the pasture?

Question 4

Sonu invested 10% more than the investment of Mona invested 10% less than the investment of Raghu. If the total investment of all the three persons is Rs. 5780, find the investment of Raghu.

Question 5

x and y make a partnership. x invests Rs. 8000 for 8 months and y remains in the business for 4 months. Out of the total profit, y claims 2/7 of the profit. How money was contributed by y?

Question 6

A began a business with Rs. 10500 and is joined after wards by B with Rs. 18000. After how many months did B join, if the profit at the end of year in divided equally?

Question 7

A, B and C invested their capitals in the ratio of 5 : 6 : 8. At the end of the business, they received the profits in the ratio of 5 : 3 : 1. Find the ratio of time for which they contributed their capitals.

Question 8

P, Q, and R start a business. P invests 3 times as much as Q invests and Q invests rd as much as R invests. Find the ratio of capitals of P, Q and R.

Question 9

A and B started a business by investing Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000, respectively. After 4 months B left and C joined by investing Rs. 15000. At the end of the year, there was a profit of Rs. 23000. What is C's share?

Question 10

A and B stated a business by investing Rs. 35000 and Rs. 20000 respectively. After 5 months B left the business and C joined the business with a sum of Rs. 15000. The profit earned at the end of year is Rs. 84125. What is the share of B in profit?
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