Paper-1 Mini-Series Study Notes on Communication: Concept and Definition

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Communication - Definition :

The general meaning of communication is to convey or transmit a piece of information or message from one person to another. Its etymology is derived from the Latin language communis, which means common.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, communication is the exchange, transmission or distribution of ideas, information, etc., whether written, oral or symbolic.

Effective Communication: It is necessary to understand here that communication is more than just the exchange of information, it is also necessary to understand the purpose of information exchange and the hidden feeling. Effective communication is a two-way street. The effectiveness of a message is not just about how the message is conveyed but depends more on whether it is understood by the sender in the desired sense.

Main Objectives and Functions of Communication :

In modern times, the main components of the information revolution in society have been public relations tools and social media, which have contributed significantly to social change. People use communication tools to stay acquainted with physical and social reality. Often successful people are successful communicators or even communicators.

We are discussing the various objectives of communication in the following paragraphs :

  • Information to keep Oneself Updated and for Decision making - People want to reduce uncertainty through communication. Information is actually the information provided about the facts, which is the main factor in taking any kind of decision. In today's society, information is considered a form of power.
  • For Education and Classroom Instructions - Education and learning going on in one form or the other throughout life. Communication provides us with the knowledge, expertise and skills that enable people to actively participate in social life.
  • Smooth Functioning of Groups - Effective communication systems lead to better coordination, which encourages the effective functioning of any group.
  • Motivation and Morale - Communication can motivate people to perform better in an organization. This makes it clear what is to be done? How well are they doing? What else can be done to improve performance?
    Morale is generally considered to be a collective phenomenon and has a psychological aspect. High morale is the cornerstone of a successful team, which is fundamentally dependent on effective communication.
  • Control - Communication serves to control behaviour both at the formal and informal levels, both individually and at the collective level.
  • Cultural Progression - Communication provides opportunities for the preservation of cultural values and for their creative promotion.

Nature of Communication :

  1. Dynamic Process
  2. Communication Skills

(a) Listening skills

(b) Speaking skills

(c) Writing skills

(d) Reading skills

  1. All Pervasive
  2. Two-way Street
  3. Communication takes place in Context and has a Relationship Aspect
  4. Symmetry and Complementarity
  5. Communi-cation always has a Context- 

(a) Physical Context

(b) Social Context

(c) Psychological Context

(d) Temporal Context

  1. Common Language
  2. Gestures
  3. Communication is of Different Types

We hope you all have understood the important points related to Communication: Nature and Definition in this part of the 'Mini Series'. For the next Mini-Series, you can drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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Bhawna VermaJun 23, 2021

Effectiveness of a message depends more on whether it is understand by the sender* or receiver* in desired sense ? Which one is correct ?
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