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Ordering and Ranking Quiz : 02.02.2023

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Question 1

Among five objects E, F, G, H and K, the weight of H is 3 times the weight of K. The weight of G is 7.5 kg. The weight of E is twice the weight of F. The weight of K is 4 times the weight of G. If the weights of F and G are equal, then which is the second heaviest object?

Question 2

lf Z = Y > R = M and G > H = Z = Q, then which of the following options is NOT correct?

Question 3

19 persons are standing in a queue.

i. Manish is 7th from the back.

ii. Rinku is exactly in the middle of Manish and Seema.

iii. Seema and Rinku have three persons between them.

What is the position of Seema from the front?

Question 4

Five players, ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ and ‘e’, scored some runs during a match.

1). ‘b’ scored a half century, but did not score a century.

2). ‘d’ scored more runs than ‘c’, but less runs than ‘b’.

3). ‘a’ scored 37 runs, which is less than ‘c’.

4). ‘e’ scored 29 runs more than ‘d’.

5). ‘c’ scored 21 runs less than ‘b’.

What is likely to be the score of ‘e’?

Question 5

Ritik is ranked 6th from top in his class, while Akshey is 18th from bottom. If their position is interchanged, Akshey gets 15th from bottom. What is the number of students in the class?

Question 6

In a row of students, one student is tenth from either end of the row. How many students are there in the row?

Question 7

Manish is fifteenth from the right end in a row of 50 boys. What is his position from the left end?

Question 8

In a row of girls facing the south. P is 17th from the left end and R is 17th from the right end. Q who is 6th to the right of P, is 5th to the left of R in the row. How many girls are there in the row?

Question 9

There are five books of different weights. P is heavier than R and Q is heavier than S. T is lighter than Q but heavier than R. S is lighter than R. Which is the lightest book?

Question 10

Faiza collected more mugs than Suraiya but less than Saifina. Roohi collected more mugs than Razia but less than Heena. Saifina collected less mugs than Razia. Who obtained the most mugs?
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