Op-Ed Focus: Carpool for cleaner air

By Atul Roy|Updated : April 17th, 2017

Article: Carpool for cleaner air

Link: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/carpool-for-cleaner-air/article18072106.ece

Now try and answer the following questions:

  1. What are high-occupancy toll lanes, or HOT lanes? How can their use lead to a reduction in air pollution? Give examples from global best practices.
  2. Do you think given India’s peculiar disregard for lane-driving, the implementation of HOT or HOV will be easy? What are the other considerations that need to be considered as far as this initiative is concerned?
  3. What are some of the other innovative ways to reduce air pollution? How can differential toll system help in reducing congestions as well as pollution?

Points to Ponder:

  1. What is the reason behind large no of deaths in road accidents in India? How can the roads be made safer?
  2. There is a strong correlation between safer roads and reduced air pollution. How? Bring out the correlation using examples of best practices.


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