One rupee interest means how much percentage?

By Ritesh|Updated : November 8th, 2022

One rupee interest means 12%. Each month, one rupee in interest is calculated on the principal amount. For instance, if a person loans Rs 100 at Rs 1 interest, he will need to pay Rs 1 in interest each month. Therefore, he must pay 12 rupees a year. A value or ratio that may be stated as a fraction of 100 is referred to as a percentage in mathematics.

If we need to calculate a percentage of a number, we should divide it by its entirety and then multiply it by 100. The proportion, therefore, refers to a component per hundred. Per 100 is what the word percent means. The letter "%" stands for it.

Formula to calculate Percentage

We must divide the value by the entire value to find the percentage, and then multiply the resulting number by 100.

The formula for percentages: (Value/Total value) x 100

How percentage of a number can be calculated?

We must use a different formula, such as P% of Number = X, where X represents the required percentage, to determine the percentage of a number.

If we don't use the percent sign, we must write the equation above as P/100 x Number = X.

Hence, Re 1 interest Rs 100 indicates that the interest rate is 12%.


One rupee interest means how much percentage?

Therefore, Re 1 interest Rs 100 denotes a 12% interest rate. A ratio or value can be written as a fraction of 100 is called a percentage in Maths. The formula to find the percentage is value divided by total value multiplied by 100


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