Ocean Acidification: Introduction, Causes, Effects and Solutions

By Arpit Kumar Jain|Updated : July 2nd, 2019

Ocean Acidification: Introduction, Causes, Effects, and Solutions


  • The consistent decrease of PH level of ocean water is called ocean acidification.
  • Carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels dissolves in seawater and produces carbonic acid, and this lowers the pH of the ocean water. Finally leads to ocean acidification.
  • According to the recent research reports, Ocean acidification is progressing rapidly around the oceans of the world.
  • The Pre-Industrialization pH of the ocean water was 8.179, which came down to 8.1074 in the 20th At present, the pH of the Ocean water is 8.069.

Source: Climate Central

Causes of Ocean Acidification

  • The burning of fossil fuels
  • Increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the oceans
  • Industrial revolution leading to an increase in pollution
  • Increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration
  • The loss of biodiversity
  • Increase in the concentration of hydrogen ions due to the chemical reaction
  • Lack of eco-friendly laws and regulations
  • A decrease in carbonate ions

Effects of Ocean Acidification

  • Loss of coral reefs
  • Loss of marine plants
  • Loss of marine animals
  • Loss of marine biodiversity
  • Disturbance in the food chain
  • A decrease in the local economy due to lack of fish and other marine products
  • Decline in tourism

Solutions of Ocean Acidification

  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels
  • Increasing the use of eco-friendly fuels
  • Use of technology for reducing pollution
  • Making strict regulations
  • Spreading the awareness to the masses
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly initiatives
  • Use of Geo-engineering

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