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Question 1

The Kailashnath Temple (Shiva Temple) at Kanchipuram containing sculpture with paintings in the inner walls was built by

Question 2

Mirzapur is famous for

Question 3

In a certain code language, 256 means ‘you are good’, 637 means ‘we are bad’ and 358 means ‘good and bad’. What number is used for ‘and’ in this language?

Question 4

What is the full form of Bit?

Question 5

The ability to do things differently and use new techniques is called

Question 6

Who first used the vocational guidance?

Question 7

“बीती विभावरी जाग री,
अम्बर-पनघट में डुबो रही,
तारा-घट ऊषा-नागरी ।”

उपर्युक्त पंक्तियों में कौन-सा अलंकार है?

Question 8

“जदपि सुजाति सुलाच्छानि, सुबरन सरस सुवृत्त

भूषण बिनु न बिराजई, कविता बनिता मित्त ।।”

अलंकार को परिभाषित करने वाली उपर्युक्त पंक्तियाँ किस कवि की हैं?

Question 9

Find out the subject in the following sentence:

On the top of the hill lives a hermit.

Question 10

Where was the International Conference on Climate Change held in December 2018?

Question 11

Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the

given sentence in reported speech.

Ramya said, “I shall be 21 tomorrow.”

Question 12

Select the correct sentence structure from the given four choices.

Question 13

When Wordsworth and Coleridge wrote their early poetry, they established the beginning of what literary movement in English literature?

Question 14

Which of the Shakespeare’s play had the character, Robin Goodfellow?

Question 15

One of the following British novelists was born and served in the civil police in India during the colonial times.
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