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NTM GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz 2

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Question 1

Which among the following is NOT the characteristics of non-traditional machine process _________?

Question 2

The temperature of the heat generated due to discharge in Electrical Discharge machining is of the range:

Question 3

In an Ultrasonic machining process, an electromechanical transducer is used to produce:

Question 4

While removing material from iron surface (atomic weight = 56, valency = 2 and density = 7.8 g/cm3) that is 40 mm × 40 mm in cross-section by electrochemical machining, a metal removal rate of 4 cm3/min is desired. The supply voltage is 12 V DC. The specific resistance of electrolyte is The gap between tool and workpiece is 0.25 mm. The overvoltage (extra - voltage in Volts) required for ion transfer is

Question 5

Which of the following statement is not correct

Question 6

In electrochemical machining the material removed from iron (atomic weight 56 valancy =2) following data has been taken:
Density = 7.8gram/cc
MRR = 5cc/minute
Specific material removal rate and desired current respectively:
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