Last Minute Preparation Tips for UGC NET 2022 - Important Tips, Tricks

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : July 5th, 2022

We are pleased to share some Last Minute Preparation Tips for UGC NET Exam 2022. UGC NET Exam is going to be held in July and August 2022. To help you at this very moment, we are providing some most important last-minute Tips & Strategies for D-day.

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The UGC NET exam will be conducted on 09, 11, 12 July 2022 & 12, 13, and 14 August 2022. The exam will be challenging, as the level of competition is really high, so ensure that you thoroughly prepare and do revisions for it. For passing this exam, it is important to complete the entire syllabus, solve UGC NET Previous Papers, and attempt mock tests to get through the exam and improve your time management. All this is only possible if you have an effective UGC NET preparation strategy.

Last-Minute Preparation Tips for UGC NET Exam 2022

Be aware of the new pattern & syllabus of the UGC NET Exam 2022

  • The UGC NET Pattern & UGC NET Syllabus for the exam has been changed this year. Make sure you are well aware of the new syllabus.
  • So you have to practice mocks before exams in a similar way so that you will be able to solve maximum questions of a particular section in the definite time allotted.

Get acquainted with the new types of questions

  • Along with the pattern of the exam, the types of questions have also been changed in UGC NET Exam 2022.
  • Now the syllabus of some topics like logical reasoning, communication, and higher education is changed.
  • So make sure to practice a good number of questions of a new pattern. Mock tests are the way to excel in this.

Revise the topics well

  • Very few last days before D-day, revision of topics should be your first priority.
  • Do not pick up any new chapters in the last few days. You have already studied whatever you could just revise those studied materials very well.
  • Focus more on revising those topics with which you are comfortable.
  • Also if you have a good habit of making notes of important points, revise them well. As very few days are left for the exam, try to revise one subject per day. 

Solve and analyze Mock Tests Properly

  • UGC NET Mock tests are the best way to perform well in the exam.
  • By attempting mock tests, you learn many things, such as new concepts, time management as well as tackling exam pressure.
  • So make sure to practice enough mock tests before appearing for the actual exam.
  • At the last moment, the right way to analyze mock tests is to solve them, check the results, and what your progress is compared to previous performance. 
  • Another thing that you can do is to keep the track of the questions that you didn't get right and go through them again. You can figure out a pattern later if all questions are from some specific topic, that way you will know where you need to make more efforts. 

Solve the previous year's paper

Solve the previous year paper to be familiar with the pattern and level of exam. UGC NET Previous year papers give a good idea of the level of questions to be asked in the examination. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Be careful with the choice of questions

  • The questions you choose in the actual exam can make or break your chance of success. Choose questions to attempt wisely and smartly.
  • Identify your strengths in sections and use them wisely. Similarly, identify your weaknesses and through this avoid doing mistakes during the exam.
  • Do not get trapped in any questions during the exam. If you are not able to solve some questions within a stipulated time, please leave it and move on to further questions.

Be ready for surprises and don't get panic

  • UGC NET has introduced some new topics, so don't be surprised when tackling new types of questions for the candidates.
  • So do not lose your calm if you see some new type of question in the exam. Give it a look, and try to solve it by applying the basic concepts of the topic with an attentive and calm mind.
  • Still, if you are not able to solve, don't take it as a challenge and move on to the next question. Do not ever lose your calm and get panic.

Most Important Topics of UGC NET Paper 1


  • Types of Communication.
  • Nature and characteristics of communication.
  • Barriers to communication.
  • Effective classroom communication.


  • People development and Environment.
  • Pollution-related questions.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Government schemes related to the environment.
  • Natural Hazards and Mitigation.

Higher Education

  • Education in Ancient India
  • Government schemes related to Education.
  • Technical Education.
  • Value Education.
  • Important Institutions.
  • Important Government committees setup related to education.
  • New Education Policy.

Research Aptitude

  • Research Ethics.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Types of Research.
  • Thesis writing.
  • Writing Methodology of Research.
  • Application of ICT in Research.

Teaching Aptitude

  • Methods of Teaching.
  • Nature of Teaching.
  • Factors affecting teaching.
  • Evaluation system.
  • Learners characteristics.
  • Teaching aids.

Logical Reasoning

  • Indian Logic
  • Analogies.
  • Deductive and Inductive reasoning.
  • Structure of Argument.

Information and Communication Technology

  • General abbreviation and terminology.
  • Basics of the Internet.
  • Emailing.
  • Virus relayed questions.
  • Social Media.
  • Memory- RAM and ROM.

Data Interpretation

  • Tables-related question.
  • Bar graph questions.
  • Pie chart-related questions.

Reasoning and Maths

  • Coding and decoding.
  • Blood relations.
  • Distance and directions.
  • Alphabet questions.
  • Maths- average, percentage, ratio and proportion, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Number series, Time and distance questions.

Reading comprehension

  • In the easiest section of paper-1, therefore practices doing some mock questions before going for exams.

Things to keep in mind

Proper diet and Proper Sleep: Keep yourself healthy by taking a proper diet a few days before the exam. Also, don't forget to take the proper sleep before the exam. Candidates mostly avoid these things in order to save time for study. But that is not good. To perform well in the exam, you need an attentive mind.

Believe in yourself: Do not get demotivated by anything around you. Last days before exams, avoid group study and focus on self-study. Revise what you have studied and stick to your strategy. Do not think about the level of preparation for others. Just try to give your best and forget the rest. Don't forget to take UGC NET Admit Card 2022.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Hope this helps with your last-minute UGC NET Exam Revision.

Thank you.

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