NRA CET FAQs for Bank/SSC/Railway: All Your Doubts About Common Eligibility Test

By Amrit Gouda|Updated : December 16th, 2021

CET for Bank/SSC/Railway Exams: To streamline the recruitment process in India Union Cabinet has set up a National Recruitment Agency (NRA) which will be responsible for conducting a single-window preliminary exam for various exam categories. NRA will conduct a common test to recruit eligible candidates for various domains like Bank/SSC/Railway. This process will come into force from early 2022 and will recruit only clerical and non-gazetted staff. In this post, we are sharing frequently asked questions on the NRA CET exam process.

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The main focus of setting up the NRA is to eliminate the multiple tests and to save precious resources and time as well. Commenting on the decision, our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said: " The NRA will prove to be a boon for a crore of youngsters." 


To set up a National Recruitment Agency, Government has sanctioned ₹1,517.57 crores and over 1000 centers in each district will be set up so that students especially female candidates do not have to travel long distances. This will save time and energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the National Recruitment Agency, Common Eligibility Test

Q.1 What is NRA?

NRA full form is National Recruitment Agency, which will hold CET as a preliminary exam to recruit qualifying candidates for group B and C posts. This agency will be registered under the societies registration act and will work for the various exam domain-like IBPS for Bank, SSC for CHSL/CGL, and RRB for Railway and other miscellaneous posts.

Q.2 What is CET?

CET full form is the Common Eligibility Test, which will be conducted online and will screen candidates for the preliminary exam of IBPS, SSC, and Railways Exams altogether. Candidates who will qualify for the test will become eligible for the next round of the selection process.

Q.3 Who will work as a member of NRA, National Recruitment Agency?

The agency will comprise representatives from the ministry of finance and Ministry of IBPS, SSC, and Railways.

Q.4 How will CET benefit candidates?

There are many benefits of CET to the candidates

  1. This will save time, application fees, and travel expenses for the candidates.
  2. The exam will be conducted twice a year.
  3. Scorecard obtained through CET will be valid for three years.
  4. Through single exams, students will have a chance to appear for SSC, Bank, and railway categories depending upon the marks secured by them.

Q.5 Who will be eligible to apply through CET recruitment?

Students clearing the following positions/education degree can apply through CET for various Non-gazetted and clerical posts

  1. Graduates
  2. Higher Secondary (12 Standard)
  3. Matriculate (10th Standard)

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Q.6 How many screening tests (CET) will be conducted in a year?

CET will be conducted twice a year.

Q.7 Where and how many centers will be there for CET?

There will be more than 1000 exam centers particularly in each district of the nation. The government will focus more on developing 117 Aspirational districts. Exam centers will also be located in rural areas to help save the time of the candidates.

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Q.8 Is there any limit to taking the CET exam?

There will be no restriction on the number of attempts. Aspirants can take the test numerous times or till they qualify. But there will be upper age limit restrictions on the candidates.

Q.9 What will be the medium of the test?

The exam will be conducted in various languages so that candidates from across the nation can sit for the exam.

Q.10 What exam categories will be covered under the CET process?

Exam categories like Bank, SSC, and Railways for all clerical and non-gazetted posts will be covered under CET recruitment?

Q. 11 What are the eligibility criteria for CET?

There will be upper age limit restriction for the candidates although relaxation to categories like SC, ST, OBC will be given.

Q.12 What will be the exam pattern and syllabus for CET?

This time standard exam pattern and syllabus will be followed for the preliminary stage for all candidates of Bank/SSC/Railways, This will reduce the burden on them.

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Q.13 Are candidates allowed to choose the exam centers?

Yes, Candidates can choose the exam centers while applying for CET.

Q. 14 What will be the validity of the CET scorecard?

The CET scorecard will be valid for 3 years from the date of result declaration. The best score of the candidates will be considered as the best and current score of the candidates.

Q. 15 What is the process after the CET result is declared?

After the declaration of the common eligibility test, the list of qualifying candidates under each category like SSC, Bank, and Railway will be forwarded to the respective agencies to conduct the next level of the examination.


Q. 16 Will CET affects the number of vacancies in Bank/SSC/Railways?

No, there will be no impact of CET on the number of vacancies. Every year many employees retire from their posts and the vacant position is required to be filled every year.

Q.17 Can a final year student apply for CET?

Yes, the minimum qualification required for CET is matriculated.

Q.18 Will the NRA conduct the CET exam to cover SSC Mains also?

After the candidate has qualified the common eligibility test which is the preliminary eligibility examination for non-gazetted govt jobs. It is to be noted here that NRA is the responsible screen for basic aptitude and the actual selection would be based on the recruitment criteria set up by the respective recruitment agencies like RRB, SSC, and IBPS.

Q.19 What are the pros and cons of the implementation of the NRA CET Exam?

The NRA is about to replace 20 recruitment agencies and centralize the process through setting up three main entities to conduct exams for three levels which include Class 10 pass, Class 12 pass, and Graduate. NRA CET implementation is a good step but candidates must understand the pros and cons to make an informed decision in their process of preparation. Here is the list of pros and cons of NRA CET: 


  • Candidates can now sit for only one screening test and prepare well for their respective Mains exam
  • Candidates need to fill and pay for only one form which will be applicable for all examinations (IBPS/ SSC/ RRB). This will reduce the financial burden on the students to pay the application fee for different examinations. 
  • Centralization of the recruitment process will enable the government to save up to Rs 600 crores
  • Implementation of NRA CET will bring more transparency to the recruiting process as there will be a single examination conducting authority 
  • At present many common aspirants sit both for SSC exams and Banking exams. The enactment of NRA CET will substantially decrease the overlapping aspirants


  • Since the exam will be conducted once or twice a year, therefore, a candidate gets limited chances of selection if he/ she does not qualify or perform well in that one chance
  • The competition will increase as earlier aspirants were board-specific (SSC/ IBPS/ RRB). But, now all aspirants have accumulated to one NRA CET exam 
  • As the competition will increase, therefore, there could be chances of tough syllabus or higher cut off for Mains exam
  • The combined vacancy will reduce the differentiation of individual departmental vacancies. Candidates on selection will be allotted departments as per the merit and number of candidates applying for it

Q. 20 What is the syllabus of the NRA conducted CET Exam?

The syllabus is not out yet but the exam will see the balance of what is asked in SSC and Banking exams. For instance, reasoning puzzles that are asked in banking exams are likely to pave their way in the CET exam. Therefore, it will be a mixture of what is asked in SSC and banking exams. 

Q. 21 Will there be different CET Exams for Class 10, Class 12, and Graduate-level candidates?

Yes, there will be different CET exams for Class 10, higher secondary, and graduate-level candidates due to their different levels of eligibility. 

Q. 22 If I fail in CET, will I have to wait for another year to appear for the same?

The CET will be conducted twice a year in an online mode. In case, you fail the CET, you will have an opportunity to appear in the next CET which will be conducted sometime around that year. 

Q. 23 How will NRA CET affect my chances of selection for the government exam?

If you are anxious about the changes you ought to discover, then you should not get overwhelmed by them. The syllabus for CET will be the same as for any preliminary exam and it will be a balanced combination of both SSC and banking prelims. 

Q. 24 Can I reappear in the next CET if my score is less?

There isn’t any need to re-appear in CET if you have qualified for it on the first attempt. The CET score will be valid for 3 years which means you will be eligible for all the recruitment exams conducted during those years provided you meet the age limit set by them.

Q. 25 I am an SSC aspirant. I have never prepared for banking exams, will I be able to clear the CET on the first attempt?

The answer to this question is a big ‘Yes.’ If you are a banking aspirant or SSC aspirant, it is going to work both ways. CET is a preliminary examination that will be conducted by NRA and it will comprise questions asked in preliminary examinations of both examinations. 

Q. 26 Will NRA CET replace SSC CGL Exam?

NRA will conduct the CET twice a year. This revolutionary step has been taken to speed up the process of conduction of examinations and dismantle the process of appearing for various examinations over and over again. This will not replace SSC CGL but after giving the CET you will be able to directly appear for the different exams posted by different recruiting agencies like SSC, RRB, and IBPS.

Q. 27 Will there be more competition in the CET Exam?

CET is a common preliminary eligibility test for various exams like SSC, Railways, and IBPS and it will be conducted twice a year. The competition depends on many factors like the level of examination set up by the screening agencies like SSC, RRB, and IBPS and other factors like the number of vacancies and the cut-offs. 

Q. 28 What is the difficulty level of the NRA CET Exam?

According to the latest notification, there is no mention of the syllabus for the NRA CET Exam. Therefore, without the correct knowledge of the syllabus, it will be too early to judge the difficulty level of the exam. Candidates must note that since the exam is now centralized, therefore, many aspirants will be taking the exam which will either increase the difficulty level or cut off of the exam. Moreover, candidates can expect the exam pattern to be an amalgamation of the Banking and SSC exams and prepare accordingly.

Q. 29 What will be exam centers for NRA CET Exam?

The exam center list will be announced before the exam date of the CET exam. Nevertheless, the NRA has made sure that every district should have at least one exam center. Based on the candidate's preference and availability, he/ she will be allotted the exam center. 

Q. 30 Which all subjects does the NRA CET Exam include?

The official notification regarding subjects for NRA CET Exam has not been released. However, candidates can expect the following subjects: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, General Knowledge, General Awareness, and English.  

Q. 31 Will SSC and IBPS board merge to form CET?

No, NRA CET is a different conceptualized board that is responsible for the screening test (Preliminary or Tier 1) for RRB, SSC, and IBPS exams. 

Q. 32 Does the NRA CET exam will also cover SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, and Group D Exams?

Yes, the NRA CET exam would cover recruitment exams which include Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Clerk & PO, and Staff Selection Commission (SSC) CHSL, CGL, Stenographer, Group C & D, JHT, etc. 

Q. 33 Will SSC, IBPS, and RRB stop working after the implementation of NRA CET?

No, NRA CET will only cover the Preliminary or Tier 1 examination. Candidates need to give their respective RRB, SSC, and IBPS Mains exams to qualify for the government job. 

Q. 34 How will NRA CET impact SSC CGL 2020 Exam?

As per the latest notification, NRA CET Exam would conduct the preliminary examination for the SSC board. There is not a huge impact other than the Tier 1 exam. 

Q. 35 What is the exam pattern of NRA CET?

According to the latest notification, there is no update on the exam pattern of NRA CET. Candidates can expect the exam pattern to be a blend of Banking and SSC exams and prepare appropriately.

Q. 36 Is NRA CET beneficial for SSC aspirants?

Yes, NRA CET will centralize the Preliminary examination of SSC as this will speed up the process of conducting the exam. SSC board will accept the preliminary score of 3 years. Candidates with good preliminary exam scores can then focus completely on SSC Mains provided they qualify for the cut-off for that year. The execution of NRA CET will also bring transparency in the process and increase the trust in the system.  

Q. 37 Will NRA CET Exam also cover Technical Exams?

As per the latest notification, there is no mention of whether NRA CET will cover technical exams such as SSC JE. It is only mentioned that it will only cover recruitment exams for RRB, IBPS (Clerk, PO), and SSC.  

Q. 38 How many languages will NRA CET Exam be conducted in?

NRA CET Exam will be conducted in 12 different languages. 

Q. 39 Do I have to appear in separate CETs for RRB, SSC, IBPS Exams?

Yes. There will be a common preliminary eligibility test for the exams with the same level. For instance, exams requiring graduation to meet its selection criteria will have the same test. To take an example, SSC CGL, RRB NTPC, IBPS Clerk, and IBPS PO will have the same CET. 

Q. 40. I belong to the general category. In October 2020, I am 29 years old (completed). Is there any possibility for me to attend SBI PO or IBPS PO exams till next year? 

Yes, you can sit for the SBI PO/IBPS PO exam till the age of 30. Please note that the age limit criteria for the exam will not change in NRA CET. It will remain the same as it was earlier for the exams i.e min 20 years and max 30 years for the General category. NRA CET will not affect the age limit criteria for any exam let it be Banking, SSC, or Railways. So you can apply till you reach the age of 30 for PO level exams and 28 for the clerical level exams (for General category candidates). 

This was all about the frequently asked questions on NRA CET. Hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding the CET process. In case you still have any queries, feel free to ask us below in the comment section.

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  • Students clearing the following positions/education degree can apply through CET for various Non-gazetted and clerical posts


    Higher Secondary (12 Standard)

    Matriculate (10th Standard)

  • CET will be conducted twice a year.

  • Exam categories like Bank, SSC, and Railways for all clerical and non-gazetted posts will be covered under CET recruitment?

  • The CET scorecard will be valid for 3 years from the date of result declaration. The best score of the candidates will be considered as the best and current score of the candidates.

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