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By Swapnil Yadav|Updated : November 21st, 2018

The sequence of events that any person’s life takes is largely dependent upon the generic cultural biases of the place of residence. In India, when a person is close to graduation, they are expected to start paving a career path for themselves. This leads to a great degree of pressure on the newly minted graduates to choose the appropriate career option.

Over the years while growing up, most of the youngsters look upon taking a career in Forces in some or the other capacity. While this dream many times gives way to other aspirations, some of the aspirants preserve their zeal and try to make into the forces after graduation.

When talking about the Defence Exams after graduation, CDS is the most prominent choice amongst the aspirants. The major issue that the aspirants face, other than the towering competition, is the very strict set of eligibility criteria.

To start with, let us discuss some of the reasons because of which an aspirant might need for career options other than CDS.

  • Most of the entries through CDS are open only for the male candidates; female candidates can apply only for OTA. This leads the female candidates to look for other opportunities.
  • The maximum age limit for applying for CDS is 24 years. This generally leaves the aspirants with an average of 2-3 years of applying age.
  • The candidates who have been deemed permanent medically unfit after the SSB are out of the fray at once.
  • The medical criteria like the height, weight and fitness also eliminates a lot of candidates’ chances of applying for CDS.

Now, let’s explore the options which you can take if you are somehow deemed non-eligible for taking CDS.

  1. SSC-CGL:

Combined Graduate Level (CGL) is undoubtedly the most contested graduate level examination in India. By qualifying this examination, the aspirants can get into some of the most coveted departments like Income Tax, Excise, Customs etc. The age limit for CGL is higher than CDS, and qualifying this examination opens various officer level to assistant level options for you.

The medical standards for most of the departments are very accommodative towards all the types of aspirants and there is even a provision of some reserved seats for Differently Abled Candidates. This is particularly encouraging for the candidates who can’t apply for CDS due to some or other medical conditions.

In addition to CGL, Staff Service Commission conducts other examinations like CPO which offers the candidates a real chance at a great career. Other than this, most of State Staff Service Commissions to conduct examinations periodically, you can opt for them as well.

  1. Banking Exams:

Earlier there were only two types of Bank vacancies, IBPS and SBI. This limited the number of vacancies by a great deal but the advent of PGDBF courses has led to many of the banks keenly conducting their own recruitment drives. This in turn has increased the number of annual vacancies by a great deal.

Bank PO is an officer level job profile and opens a lot of avenues in terms of career growth options. Also, it is considered very suitable for female candidates if they do not wish to work in a too stressed work environment. Most of these examinations give as much as 3-5 attempts to the aspirants which allows the serious aspirants with ample opportunities to clear the examination.

Bank Clerk is particularly lucrative to candidates who want a regular time-bound job with no after-hour pressure. The structure if the banks is usually such that the clerks eventually get promoted to the officer cadre. This exam is also way easier than the PO Exams in terms of pattern and syllabus.

  1. UPSC Exams:

If you are inclined towards taking an administrative career path, then UPSC exams are the best option you’ll get in India. The level of craze that Civil Services Examination enjoys is unparalleled and justifiably so. Those who make through this examination are involved in making and shaping the policies of and for the country. They have an opportunity to make some ground-breaking changes in the society.

You can opt for this and if you are dedicated enough then this could be the best decision of your life.

  1. Higher Studies:

If a candidate has a knack for learning and the opportunity to do so then going for higher studies is the most plausible options. The career opportunities after higher studies are dependent largely on the type of specialisation. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • GATE is an obvious option for engineers after graduation. The candidates can either opt for one of the most highly rated colleges in the country through the GATE score or even apply for PSUs who recruit officers based on the score of this exam. One can also get into research and teaching after taking a M Tech degree after GATE.
  • CAT gets the successful candidates into the premier business schools of the country. Getting an MBA degree will allow the candidates to explore so many different genres, helping them in making an informed choice about their career.
  • There are options like GRE and TOEFL which allows the candidates to even get the opportunity to study in some of the biggest colleges of the world. Imagine the level of exposure and expertise a student from an Ivy League College like Stanford or Harvard gets. The tensions about the career are generally resolved post this.

The criteria like gender, medical etc are rendered void if one wishes to take up higher studies. The limit of growth after this is just dependent on the person’s capability.

  1. Entrepreneurship:

This is by far one of the best choices for the candidates who feel stuck in the regular time-bound jobs. You can always start your own venture and become a job-producer instead of a job-consumer. In the current times, the government too is quite positive towards this. The schemes like MUDRA aim to provide the much-needed seed capital to the serious entrepreneurs.

This path is very different from all the other options because it will require you to look inwards for motivation for creating something great for self and those around you.

Frankly speaking, the number of opportunities is just immense if you are looking forward and willing to work towards it as well. The above opportunities are just a few examples of options, sky is the limit if you really want to explore and try.

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