How to Prepare for Verbal Section of NMAT 2022? - Tips to Ace NMAT Verbal Ability Section

By Aditi Joshi|Updated : August 8th, 2022

NMAT is a National Level exam which is conducted by GMAC for admission into Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and other Top B Schools. The NMAT 2022 notification has been announced on 1st August 2022. NMAT is a computer adaptive exam. The candidates have the option of taking the NMAT exam from both the test centre and home. It has three sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. This article will discuss in detail the strategies to ace the Verbal Ability Section in NMAT 2022. The Verbal Ability section in NMAT 2021 had 36 questions and the time allotted for this section was 28 minutes. The NMAT 2022 exam pattern has not changed it is same as that of NMAT 2021 exam.

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Exam Pattern of NMAT 2022

NMAT 2022 will have three sections and each section will have a different time limit as seen in NMAT 2021. It is important to note that NMAT 2021 did not have any negative marking. The candidates preparing for NMAT 2022 must go through the exam pattern of NMAT 2022

Section Name

Number of Questions

Time Allotted

Language Skills



Quantitative Skills



Logical Reasoning







  • Candidates can choose the order in which they attempt each section prior to starting the exam.
  • There is no negative marking.  

How to prepare for the Verbal Section for NMAT?

Language Skills is one of the most important sections for NMAT 2022. This section requires speed solving as there are 36 questions in 28 minutes. The following are a few tips that aspirants should keep in mind while preparing for NMAT the language skills section of NMAT 2022:

  • Read as much as possible: Inculcating a reading habit is going to help you in your  NMAT exam. Read articles on different topics so that you are well versed with a variety of topics such as psychology, economy, technology, etc. This will help you on the day of your exam. Also, reading will not only help you in solving the reading comprehension passages but also help you build your vocabulary. It will also increase your skimming speed for the RCs. Read newspaper articles and editorials.
  • Practice Mock tests: As much as possible attempt NMAT question papers & mock tests. These tests will help you adjust to the exam day environment and also help you gauge your performance. 
  • Maintain a journal: Maintain a journal where you keep noting the difficult words that you come across.  Learn their meaning, usage, synonym, etc. This will build your vocabulary and also you can keep on revising the words. 


NMAT 2022 Verbal Section Questions:

It is important that one understands the types of questions that are asked in the NMAT exam. The NMAT official website has provided the sample questions to acquaint the aspirants with the type of questions asked.

Click HERE to Check the Sample Questions for NMAT

How to crack Verbal Section in NMAT?

In this section, the candidate has to attempt a total of 36 questions in a span of  28 minutes. The difficulty level of questions in this section is easy to moderate. The paper consists of questions from the following topics:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analogy
  • Para Jumbles
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Spot the error
  • Vocabulary Usage

Let us have a look at the preparation strategies for Verbal Section for NMAT 2022:

  • Tips for Reading Comprehension- For Reading Comprehension, one should never let speed be the main factor. Rather, try and analyze the passage first. You may not always be familiar with the passage. And even if you are do read it once and also do go through all the options before choosing the best one. Even if you have familiarity with the passage do read it once and answer the questions on the basis of what is implied and stated in the passage. The RCs can be rewarding if you actually understood the passage. So take some time to understand the meaning of the passage. Focus on keywords and phrases. It has been seen that the RCs over the years have been easy in NMAT.
  • Tips for Verbal Ability: For questions on Sentence correction remember you can easily eliminate the options if you find a sentence that is grammatical or structurally incorrect. Even the reverse may help you. For example, you may find that certain sentences will be correct grammatically. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to identify the incorrect options. Do read the entire sentence and understand the idea it wants to convey. Read the answer choices carefully. For questions on Para Jumbles, one needs to identify the opening and closing statements. Once that is done look for the mandatory pairing or linking. Try building a logical sequencing. In para jumbles questions one can look for transitory words. They help you identify the flow of sentences in a logical manner. Focus on the vocabulary part of this section. Over the past years, a lot of High-Frequency words have been asked. 
  • Tips for Critical Reasoning: While attempting the critical reasoning questions it is important that you have a clear understanding of the fact, assumption, argument, and inference. Read all the options and then come to a conclusion rather than assuming that a particular option is correct without going through all the options. Firstly understand what has been asked in the question.
  • No negative marking: As there is no negative marking the best strategy would be to attempt all the questions. However, one may also not compromise with accuracy. Since the questions asked in this section are of easy to moderate difficulty level one may attempt maximum questions. 
    So, all the best for your preparation for NMAT 2022.

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  • There are 3 sections in NMAT 2021 namely: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning.

  • There is no negative marking in NMAT 2021.

  • A score of 230 and above is considered a good score for NMAT 2021. A sectional cut-off Language Skills- 78 - 82, Logical Reasoning - 74-77, Quantitative Skills - 73-76 is expected for NMAT 2021.

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