NIELIT Exam Analysis 2020 for Scientist B and Scientist Technical Assistant 'A' (Paper 1 and 2)

By Ashish Singh Dhanjal|Updated : November 24th, 2020

NIELIT Exam Analysis 2020: National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) released the notification of Scientist-'B' and Scientific/Technical Assistant 'A' in the National Informatics Centre (NIC)  earlier for which applications began from 26th Feb 2020. There are a total number of 495 posts in NIELIT 2020 Recruitment for Scientist-B and Scientific/Technical Assistant.

NIELIT 2020 is the most awaited exam for all the Computer Science and Electronics Engineering aspirants and it is successfully conducted in the first slot on 22nd November 2020. It's been a long journey of preparation and BYJU'S Exam Prep team has tried their best to provide quality Quizzes, Notes, and Important information to the Candidates. All Candidates would have completed their preparation and they will definitely get paid for their efforts in the form of success.

The vacancies are as follows:

DesignationTotal Vacant Posts
Scientific/Technical Assistant - ‘A207

Watch LIVE session of NIELIT Scientist 'B' Exam Overview

Watch LIVE session of NIELIT Scientist 'B' Exam Analysis

Watch LIVE session of NIELIT Scientific/Technical Assistant Exam Analysis

NIELIT 2020 Scientist 'B': Weightage Analysis

The major highlights of the NIELIT 2020 Exam are as follows:

  • Data Structures and Networks question were slightly tougher.
  • Operating Structures which is a core subject of Computer Science, has easier question. The questions were on basic concepts like paging, standard theorem etc. No high level questions were asked from operating systems.
  • Discrete Mathematics had almost GATE level question. Discrete Mathematics was of moderate difficulty.
  • DBMS comprised of less marks and there was one question in DBMS which was exactly same as GATE previous year question.
  • A lot of questions were asked from Data Structures and Algorithms. Around 15 questions were asked from DS and Algorithms alone.
  • The questions from Electronics and Electrical were very less comparatively. The whole question paper was based on Computer Science core subjects.
  • Non-technical part was very easy and there were question on Blood Relations, reasoning. There was not a single General Knowledge question.
  • 3-4 questions were wrong. Full marks will be provided in case any question is wrong.
  • The level of BYJU'S Exam Prep Mini Mock which were provided in the NIELIT Revision Plan and the Mega Mocks was exactly of same level of NIELIT 2020 Scientist 'B' Exam. 60-70 percent questions match the level of the concepts and questions which were there in the mocks.
  • All the concepts in the NIELIT 2020 Exam were discussed in NIELIT course as well as on free series. 
  • There were around 18 questions from quantitative and qualitative abilities. These were very easy and need no specific preparation. 
  • The overall paper was: Easy.
NIELIT 2020 SubjectsDifficulty LevelWeightage in 2020Weightage in 2018Weightage in 2017
Compiler Design and Theory of ComputationEasy292
Cyber Security and Cloud TechnologyEasy300
Computer NetworksModerate1165
Digital & Analog CommunicationEasy330
Computer OrganisationEasy345
Operating SystemEasy654
Digital logicEasy146
Discrete MathModerate202
Information Systems and Software EngineeringModerate702
Probability, Statistics and CombinatoricsEasy222
Data Structure & Programming + OOPsModerate8716
Web Technologies /HTMLEasy720
Electrical Engineering (Network )Moderate200
Logical ReasoningEasy15022
Verbal ReasoningEasy2413
Quantitative and Qualitative abilitiesModerate19818
Data interpretationModerate617
Calculus -012 
Linear AlgebraModerate03 
Total 12085120

NIELIT 2020 Scientist 'B' Detailed Solution PDF

NIELIT 2020 Scientist 'B' Exam Timings

The exam is successfully conducted in the morning shift from 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM on 22nd November 2020.

NIELIT 2020 Scientific/Technical Assistant 'A': Weightage Analysis

The major highlights of the NIELIT 2020 Exam are as follows:

  • There were several questions from Software Engineering.
  • A lot of questions from HTML, Java and software engineering were asked.
  • The questions from basic computer science subjects were less.
  • DBMS which is one of the core subjects, has around 10 questions. 
  • Questions from Computer Organization were from the topics like Addressing Mode, Memory Management etc.
  • The Reasoning and Quantitative section was a bit lengthier and no direct questions were asked from this section. Lengthy calculations were involved in Quants section.
  • The questions in Reasoning and Quantitative section were time consuming whereas in the technical section, there were purely direct questions in which no calculations were involved.
  • There were very few questions from Electrical/Electronics section.
  • The level of BYJU'S Exam Prep Mini Mock which were provided in the NIELIT Revision Plan and the Mega Mocks was exactly of same level of NIELIT 2020 Scientific/Technical Assistant 'A' Exam.
  • All the concepts in the NIELIT 2020 Exam were discussed in NIELIT course as well as on free classes conducted on YouTube and BYJU'S Exam Prep App. 
  • The overall difficulty level of the paper was: Moderate.
NIELIT SubjectsDifficulty LevelWeightage in 2020Weightage in 2017
Compiler DesignEasy82
Cyber Security and Cloud TechnologyModerate00
Computer NetworksModerate105
Digital & Analog CommunicationModerate10
Computer OrganisationModerate35
Operating SystemEasy04
Digital logicModerate36
Discrete MathModerate12
Information Systems and Software EngineeringDifficult72
Probability, Statistics and CombinatoricsModerate32
Data Structure & Programming + OOPsDifficult1616
Web TechnologiesModerate60
Electrical Engineering (Network )- -0
Logical ReasoningModerate2122
Verbal Reasoning- -13
Quantitative and Qualitative abilitiesModerate2118
Data interpretation - -7
Calculus - - 
Linear Algebra - - 
Total 120120


NIELIT 2020 Scientist Technical Assistant 'A' Exam Timings

The exam is successfully conducted in the evening shift from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on 22nd November 2020.

NIELIT 2020 Scientist 'B' and Scientist Technical Assistant 'A' Exam Centre Guidelines

  1. Students are required to wear a mask during the examination. 
  2. Students are allowed to carry a personal transparent water bottle, personal hand sanitizer, gloves & a simple pen inside the exam center.
  3. An aspirant must have installed Arogya Setu app on their smartphone and the app must show the COVID 19 risk profile of the student.

NIELIT 2020 Scientist 'B' Question Paper with Answer Key PDF

NIELIT 2020 Scientist Technical Assistant 'A' Question Paper with Answer Key

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What will be cut off in scientist b paper and category is SC
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Aman KumarNov 25, 2020

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Nelson Arafat Ali
nielit nic marks survey -
Mudrakola Karthik
hi nelson please share survey details if you got responses from most

VijeiNov 26, 2020

I score 85 marks in nielit scientific technical asistant-A . What is the probability to get the job .?. And tell me what will be cutoff . And iam OBC category
Art Sarah

Art SarahNov 26, 2020

Getting 62 in technical assistant.. obc.. is there any chance?
Vikesh Dhatterwal
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Mudrakola Karthik
will they release results directly or they post result after the updated key released.
Mudrakola Karthik
expected cutoff for obc after final key released??
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I got 74.50 mark for sta obc is there any chance in mainlist

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