NIELIT Score Booster Revision Quiz Plan

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : October 28th, 2021

National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) release the notification for the recruitment of Scientist-‘B every year. Students are preparing for the NIELIT exam with the announcement of the vacancies for the Scientist B post. NIELIT Score booster Quiz Plan or NIELIT Test Series 2022 is the study plan from BYJU'S Exam Prep where candidates aiming to crack the Nielit exam can access the Practice Tests, Mock Tests, Clear their Doubts, Analyze your Test Performance, and interact with aspirants and experts on BYJU'S Exam Prep.

  • The students should follow a good preparation strategy and should also attempt a good number of questions to make good practice for qualifying for the Scientist B post in NIELIT. 
  • In the article, we will provide you with a proper Quiz plan for the NIELIT Scientist B Exam. This will help you in preparation for NIELIT Scientist B 2022 exam in a very systematic way.

Selection Process for NIELIT Scientist B

NIELIT Scientist B post consists of two stages of selection process examination. The first stage is the written examination with multiple choice type questions, and the second is Interview.

NIELIT Score Booster Revision Quiz details

  1. Gradeup brings to you the "NIELIT Score Booster Revision Quiz Plan " in which practice quizzes will be provided daily.
  2. This Quiz Plan is FREE of cost, so what are you waiting for?? Start trying quizzes and know your background level now.
  3. These quizzes will be strictly according to the outline of NIELIT.

Daily Quiz Details

Number of Questions
10 (6 questions Technical and 4 questions Non-Technical)
Time Span15 minutes
Live Time
9 AM every day
Marking Scheme
(+1) for an accurate answer and (-0.25) for a false answer

Mock Quiz Details

The schedule of the quiz is given below, and you can save this article as all the quizzes will be updated in this article regularly.

DateQuiz NameQuiz Link
1-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-1
2-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-2
3-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-3
4-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-4
5-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-5
6-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-6
7-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-7
8-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-8
9-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-9
10-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-10
11-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-11
12-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-12
13-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-13
14-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-14
15-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-15
16-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-16
17-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-17
18-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-18
19-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-19
20-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-20
21-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-21
22-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-22
23-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-23
24-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-24
25-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-25
26-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-26
27-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-27
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28-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-29
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29-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-30
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30-Jan-2022NIELIT Score Booster Quiz-31
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