New Series - Important Idioms and Phrases for Banking Exams

By Sheetal Goyal|Updated : June 25th, 2020

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The English Language has a vast idiomatic base. Idioms and Phrases make a language more interesting and vibrant. They are not separate from the English language as a whole and one does not have the option of choosing them or omitting them. They form an essential part of the general vocabulary of English. To get a stronghold in this language, it is imperative that one must have an enhanced vocabulary and practice regular usage of English in reading, writing and speaking. Apart from these, grasping the use of idioms, phrases, and phrasal verbs is an essential part to be well-versed in the English Language.

Idioms & Phrases are the words or expressions which have a figurative or metaphorical meaning. It means that we cannot take the literal meaning of the words which together forms an Idiom or a phrase as the actual meaning. It is generally quite different. Hence, most of the times knowing the meaning of all the individual words given in the phrase is not going to help you to understand the meaning of the phrase. You must be familiar with the correct meaning and usage of that idiom.

For example, you can not comprehend the meaning of the Idiom "It’s raining cats and dogs.” just by looking at the words. It means "it’s raining very heavily" Similarly knowing the meanings of ace and hole may not help you to understand the meaning of "An ace in the hole"  which means "a hidden strength or advantage". So, if you try to figure out the meaning of an idiom literally, word by word, you may get befuddled.

In the recent pattern of an English Section in a competitive examination, simple language is rarely used. Be it Reading Comprehension, Cloze test or Para summary, you can find the use of Idioms as well as Phrases in almost all the topics of English Language Section. Most importantly, 5 to 10 or sometimes more than 10 questions are asked directly from this section such as Phrase Replacement, Phrase Improvement, and Meaning of the Idiom, etc.  

Keeping in mind the importance of Idioms, Phrases, and Phrasal verb, we are starting a new series of Idioms and Phrases. In this, we will be covering the important Idioms and Phrases which in all likelihood will be relevant to the forthcoming exam. In the series, the idioms and phrases will be covered alphabetically.

We hope that this series will be of great help to the English Section of the examinations. We will also start a weekly Idioms and phrases quiz through which you can test your knowledge of Idioms and Phrases.

Important Idiom and Phrases Alphabetically

Important Idiom & PhrasesStarting with Letter "A"

Note: We will provide Idiom and phrases with others letter also and will keep updating here in the table above.

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