New Initiatives Launched Under NEP

By Sakshi Ojha|Updated : September 10th, 2021


In a virtual address Thursday, PM Modi called NEP a 'monumental step' in education and announced several schemes under the policy. The schemes were launched during a virtual address delivered by PM Modi marking one year of the policy’s release.

While the policy was announced in July 2020, the implementation of various schemes under it has been slow due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent closure of schools and colleges. Some of the schemes that were formally launched by the PM during his address have been in the works for many months.

The Initiatives: 

1. Vidya Pravesh -

The Vidya Pravesh scheme will prepare young students for school and help them learn basics like numbers, colours and alphabets. 

2. Indian Sign Language as a Subject- 

PM Modi added that to aid the process of this language being added to the school curriculum, 1200 educational video programmes (for Class 1 to 12) have been made in Indian Sign Language. These videos will be available on the government's education portal

3. NISHTHA 2.0 -

NISHTHA 2.0 will provide training to teachers as per their needs and they will be able to give their suggestions to the department.

It will have 68 modules including 12 generic and 56 subject-specific modules and will cover around 10 lakh teachers.


SAFAL is a competency-based assessment for grades 3, 5, and 8 introduced by CBSE. It will be used to assess the progress of foundational skills and basic learning outcomes/competencies among students. 

5. AI For Public Awareness-

‘AI For All’ initiative has been launched with the purpose of creating a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) for every citizen in the country. This programme is driven by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Ministry of Education, and Intel India.

6. Academic Bank of credit- 

PM Modi has launched the Academic Bank of Credit today on one year of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 that will provide multiple entries and exit options for students in Higher education. 

7. First-year Engineering programme in Regional language- 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced that in a first, 14 engineering colleges in India, have started the technical course in five regional languages, which will particularly help the marginalised sections of the society.

The languages in which the B Tech course is being launched now include Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali and the institutions are spread across eight states.

8. Internationalisation for higher education-

He also spoke about the internationalisation of education and noted that earlier good education meant going abroad for studies but things have now changed as good institutions want to now come to India.

9. NDEAR & NETF-  

The National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) and the National Education Technology Forum (NETF) will also be launched.

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