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Network analysis part 1 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

The magnitude of Thevenin’s equivalent voltage for given circuit is _____ volts.

Question 2

Under steady state condition, the energy stored in the circuit is

Question 3

In the circuit shown in the fig. with C1 = C2 = 1F, L = 2H, the switch S is closed at t = 0 and opened again at t = 1.0472 seconds. Prior to closing the switch at t = 0, VC1= 10 V while L and C2 do not have any stored energy. Then the value is _____at t = 1.0472 seconds.

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

Consider the following network:

Which of following statements are correct ?

Question 5

Find the power absorbed by the 12Ω resistor in the circuit shown in figure below.

Question 6

In the circuit shown in the figure below, find the power (maximum) absorbed by the load resistor RL is ______ (in watts).

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