MH SET Salary & Job Profile 2022: In Hand, Pay Slip, Job Profile and Career Growth

MH SET Salary & Job Profile 2022: In Hand, Pay Slip, Job Profile and Career Growth

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: May 13, 2021MH SET 2021 was conduted on 26 September 2021. For more details about the MH SET 2021 exam, you can check the Maharashtra SET exam answer key 2021, dates, result and more. 
MH SET 2021 was conduted on 26 September 2021. For more details about the MH SET 2021 exam, you can check the Maharashtra SET exam answer key 2021, dates, result and more. 
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MHSET Salary 2021

The MH SET Salary Structure will give you an idea of the various perks associated with the job you are applying for. Maharashtra SET or MH SET is conducted by the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) to appoint eligible candidates in the posts of Assistant Professors only in the universities of Maharashtra and Goa. Thus, this Exam is a state-level test to examine the capabilities of the candidates in various subjects. However, one of the main reasons for a huge number of applications every year is an attractive salary. So, before you apply for such a post, it is wise to know the MHSET Salaries 2021 first.

All Details About MH SET Salary 2021

After you qualify all the exams of the MH SET Exam 2021, you will be eligible to apply for an Assistant Professor post in any university or college. Your pay scale will increase depending upon the performance and position of the respective college or university.  Promotions will depend on your experience and performance. Every college is bound to give you an MH SET Salary Slip that will contain the MH SET Basic Pay as per your job profile and other additional perks. Note that you will only get the in-hand salary after deduction of several necessary amounts from your Gross Salary like Provident Fund, Professional Tax, and the like.

You should be ready and flexible enough to shift to any location within the state of Maharashtra and Goa. MHSET Salaries 2021 is decided according to the pay-scale formulated for the Assistant Professors at the 7th Pay Commission. So, every Assistant Professor will receive the salary as per the same pay-scale. As an Assistant Professor, you can expect increment as per the changes made to the policies of the colleges.

The MH SET Average Salary

The starting MHSET Salaries 2021 of the Assistant Professors after being selected in the interview of MHSET Exam 2021 is between the range Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per month. However, there will be a revision in the MHSET Salary Structure as per the scores of the colleges or universities. If you are going for a Government college, then definitely your pay package will be according to the pay-scale and will be subject to yearly increment with a specified increment in Dearness Allowance. However, MHSET Salaries 2021 will vary a lot in private colleges. 

MH SET Revised Salary Structure

As per the new salary structure made by the Government for Pay band 3, with all the revisions to date, The following pay scale for the Assistant Professors appointed in the institutions of Maharashtra and Goa is followed

Basic Pay: Rs. 15,600/- to 39,100/- per month. 

Academic Grade Pay: Rs. 6000/- per month

The above amounts are the expected in-hand salary for a new lecturer. 

Average Gross Pay:  Rs. 45,000/- to Rs. 50,000/-per month

MH SET Job Profile 2021: Assistant Professor

All candidates should be well acquainted with MH SET Job Profile and Job responsibilities that come after qualifying the exam. The post of Assistant Professor bears many liabilities. Hence pertinent knowledge about MHSET Work Profile is a necessity. Acquiring information regarding the MHSET Job Profile 2021 will help you understand whether or not you are a good fit for the MHSET Job or not.

MH SET Exam 2021 is primarily the recruitment procedure for the post of Assistant Professor in the colleges and universities of Maharashtra and Goa. Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) conducts this examination, which is accredited by UGC. Successful candidates will teach students of graduation and post-graduation courses in the government institutions In Maharashtra and Goa. 

MH SET Job Responsibilities

Some of the MHSET Job Responsibilities involve the following.

  • Teaching a prescribed number of classes every week.
  • Providing supervision and guidance to graduation and post-graduation students.
  • Offering full professional support to Professors and other faculty members.
  • Catering to the questions, queries, and doubts of students.
  • Representing the university/college at conferences.
  • Tracking the academic progress of all students.
  • Marking attendance every day
  • Create innovative career enhancement programs for the students.
  • Finishing the prescribed syllabus well within time.

Growth Opportunities MH SET Job Profile 2021

The value of pursuit for research and experience is immense in the working arena of an Assistant Professor. They have to teach pupils according to the syllabus set by the universities concerned within the stipulated session-time. The candidates will be from graduation and post-graduation courses. So the quality of the service with respect to dissemination of knowledge and research-faculty should reach noteworthy levels as per MHSET Job responsibilities. An Assistant professor, with the gift of research history and teaching experience, can be promoted to various positions, such as Professor, Senior Professor, College Principal, and so on.

The required eligibility for these higher positions, as per UGC guidelines, is discussed here:


  • He/she must have a PhD degree and at least ten publications in appropriate journals.
  • He/she must have experience as an Assistant Professor or Associate Professor for at least ten years and a research score of 120

Senior Professor

  • Must have a minimum of 10 years of research/teaching experience as a Professor.
  • Must be an author of at least 10 best publications in reputable journals.
  • At least two PhD awardees under his/her supervision.

College Principal

  • 15 years of research/teaching experience as a Professor/Associate Professor.

MH SET Salary & Job Profile FAQs

  • Generally, the starting MH SET salary in premiere private institutions is relatively high compared to the Government institutions.

  • The average MH SET salary in private institutions like IIT, IIM and others can be very lucrative depending upon the scorecard of the college. It can be even around Rs. 60,000 to 70,000/-.

  • Yes, the salary pay-scale of MHSET includes a bonus. The maximum bonus is paid according to the provisions of The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.

  • The whole MH SET salary is directly credited to the Assistant professor’s Bank Account.

  • Yes, there is a difference in the MH SET pay-scale for the freshers and advanced level professors. With experience, there are opportunities for growth and promotions.

  • The additional perks included in the MHSET Salary Structure include Bonus, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance, Grade Pay and House Rent Allowance.

  •  MH SET Assistant Professor primarily works in a college campus in his office and in the classrooms while teaching.

  • As per the UGC guidelines, the salaries of the MH SET Assistant Professors are revised. As and when an Assistant Professor gets promoted to the next level, his/her salary gets revised. Revision in salary also depends on the Assistant Professor's performance and accomplishments.


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