NDA Preparation 2022: Subject-Wise Tips and Strategy

NDA Preparation 2022: Subject-Wise Tips and Strategy

ByNaveen Singh  |  Updated on: Jul 4, 2022
Check the subject-wise tips for NDA preparation 2022 here. As NDA 2 2022 exam is just around the corner, Candidates must go through the complete details on how to prepare for NDA exam here along with knowing the best books, and study plan below.
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NDA preparation 2022 tips and strategy provided here will help you gain an edge over your competition in the upcoming exam. In order to successfully pass any competitive examination, you need to follow a tried and tested strategy which you will find here to ace your exam preparations. NDA exam is conducted to recruit suitable candidates for the position of Officer trainees/Cadets in the defence services in India. As aspiring candidates have to appear for a written test to proceed with the further rounds of recruitment, our NDA Preparation 2022 tips will help you score well.

Scale up your preparation strategy for the NDA exam and get recommendations for the best books and study material. Get detailed NDA Preparation Tips 2022 for every subject - Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Current Events, etc.

NDA Exam Preparation

NDA 1 Exam 2022 is going to be held on April 10, 2021, and with only a few months left to prepare for the examination, NDA Preparation Tips will help you a lot in order to boost your preparation. Candidates at this time must have started their preparation and in order to clear the NDA exam 2022, they must be looking for every source of information available in the form of study material, tips, exam strategy, NDA sample papers to prepare for the exam. Thus we have provided some NDA Preparation tips which might be really helpful. 

NDA is conducted by UPSC for the admission of suitable candidates to the defense services in India as Officer trainees/Cadets. We have covered the NDA General Ability preparation tips for English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography as well as Current Affairs section here. Check out the article below to know more about NDA 2022 Preparation. 


Tips to Prepare General Ability Section for NDA 2022

The time given to solve the General Ability paper is 2.5 hours. Let us first see the sub-sections which are a part of General Ability and the respective number of questions are asked from them.



No. of Questions

Marks for each correct answer

Marks for each wrong answer

Maximum Marks

Part A






Part B







General Science









Current Events









English preparation Tips for NDA

  • This section intends to test the candidate’s understanding of English in terms of proficiency, vocabulary, and use of words.
  • The syllabus covers various aspects like grammar and usage, reading comprehension, synonyms, and acronyms, fill in the blanks, spot the error, Para jumbles, etc.
  • The best way to prepare is to read. Reading is basically a wide segment that includes newspapers, novels, storybooks etc.
  • Reading newspapers will not only improve the candidate’s vocabulary but also keep him up to date about current affairs.
  • Apart from reading, the candidate can also watch English news channels to ensure proper command over the language.

Physics Preparation Tips for NDA

  • This section usually carries 23-25 questions from general physics topics.
  • The topics covered in this section are force, volume, gravity, momentum, the motion of objects, sound waves and their properties, density, conductors and non-conductors, change of state, latent heat, magnets and their properties, heat and its effects, cells, and types of cells, Archimedes Principle, X rays, Ohm’s Law, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Reflection, Refraction, and stability and equilibrium.
  • The candidate should make notes of important definitions and formulae.
  • The most important aspect of physics is that it is not limited to sums. If the candidate finds the numerical portion of physics tough, he should strengthen his theoretical portion first and then come back to the sums.
  • The candidate should list down all the formulae and solve at least 8-10 sums for each formula.
  • In the case of physics, Ohm’s Law has maximum weightage. This is followed by topics such as Mass, Force, and Momentum.

Chemistry Preparation Tips for NDA

  • This section has questions mainly based on chemical formulae and reactions.
  • The topics covered are elements, mixtures, compounds, physical & chemical changes, acids, bases, salts, simple chemical equations, laws of chemical combination, properties of air & water, oxidation, reduction, carbon and different forms, the structure of an atom, atomic equivalent, molecular weight, valency, mole concept, fertilizers, preparation of substances like soap, glass, cement, preparation and properties of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
  • Here, NCERT books are enough as they cover all the topics mentioned above.
  • Questions on the mole concept and P block are repetitive.
  • Private publication books can also be used in addition to NCERT books. Alternatively, the candidate can also use free online study material.

Biology Preparation Tips for NDA

  • This section covers topics like cells and tissues, living and non-living organisms, human body and organs, development and reproduction in plants and animals, common epidemics – causes and preventions, balanced diet and food as an energy source for living beings, solar system, meteors, comets, eminent scientists and their achievements, etc.
  • Such topics are relatively easy to cover as they can be made into bullet points and memorized.

History and Geography Preparation Tips for NDA

  • The history and geography sections constitute 70-80 marks each and are one of the easiest scoring papers in the examination as they deal with simple factual information.
  • The general topics that usually appear in the History section are Indian Independence and Freedom Movement, World War I, World War II, Cold War, Russian Revolution, Panchayati Raj, socialism and communism, the role of India in the present world, Five-year plans of India, Cultures, and civilizations of India, Indian constitution, development of science and technology and its impact on the modern world, and famous personalities (for instance, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc.).
  • The general topics that will appear in the Geography section are Earth – shape, size, origin, rotation and revolution, ocean currents and tides, International date-line, vegetation, agricultural and industrial activities, climatic conditions (types of climate), weather, rocks – formation and classification, coordinates (latitudes and longitudes), natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes, atmosphere (composition, temperature, humidity), sea, air, and land routes, geographical phenomenon – atmospheric pressure, cyclones, and anti-cyclones.
  • The simplest and most concise books for preparing the History and Geography section are the NCERT class IX and X books. They give a brief yet clear idea about all the above-mentioned topics.

Current Events Preparation Tips for NDA

  • This section includes questions related to all the latest happenings in India and around the world, like politics, eminent personalities, sports, cinema, awards and recognitions, cultural events, science and technological breakthrough, government rules and policies, countries and prime ministers or presidents, countries and capitals, finance and banking, etc.
  • The candidate must be up to date about the events that have occurred globally as well as locally over the last year.
  • A few ways in which the candidate can stay updated is:
    (a) He must make it a habit to read newspapers daily
    (b) Blogs are another source of information
    (c) The candidate must opt for watching the news or learn about a particular topic on YouTube if he is more comfortable with visual learning
    (d) There are many applications available online which will help a candidate get daily updates about current events.

NDA Preparation Strategy

  • Write down all important formulae, dates, names, equations, etc. in the form of bullet points to aid in last-minute revision.
  • Form study groups to ensure the exchange of ideas and information.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers to get a clear idea about the weightage given to each topic
  • Try giving more importance to difficult topics if time permits, else the candidate must work on strengthening those topics that he finds easy
  • Give as many mock tests as possible to get an idea of the amount of time that can be spent per topic or per question
  • Learn space management
  • Regularly read English newspapers or watch English news channels to enhance vocabulary as well as stay up to date on current affairs and events
  • Try remembering shortcuts, especially in the case of physics formulae and chemical equations
  • Understand the topic as far as possible and avoid memorizing everything as too much information may get jumbled up.

NDA Preparation Tips FAQs

  • NDA exam required consistent hard work along with the right guidance. Thus, follow the above shared section-wise NDA preparation tips to crack the exam with less difficulty.

  • The ideal time required for NDA 2 exam preparation is 6 months.

  • You can start preparing for the NDA exam after 12th by following the above shared topic-wise NDA preparation tips shared by expert educators of BYJU'S Exam Prep

  • NDA exam isn't easy or difficult. It all depends on the level of exam preparation and understanding of the candidate.

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