Navy Agniveer Selection Process 2022: Written Exam, Interview, Exam Pattern

Navy Agniveer Selection Process 2022: Written Exam, Interview, Exam Pattern

ByPriya Gupta  |  Updated on: Jul 12, 2022
Check the details about the Navy Agniveer selection process 2022 here of the written exam, physical fitness test, and the medical examination. Get to know the complete Agneepath Navy selection process here for the upcoming exam.

Candidates should be well versed in the Navy Agniveer selection process if they wish to participate in the Indian Navy services. The process is not so complex and involves 3 phases: a written exam, a physical fitness test, document verification, and a medical review. Students must clear all rounds of the Navy Agniveer selection process 2022 to be eligible for the conclusive merit list.

Aspirants waiting to go through the Agneepath Navy selection process and other important details should stick to this page until the end.

Agneepath Navy Selection Process Details

Given below is a brief overview of the Navy Agniveer selection process 2022. Interested candidates must pass all the stages with at least the minimum requirements. Furthermore, candidates must submit all the requested documents during the medical inspection and body fitness tests.

It is mandatory to appear for every round. If anyone fails to provide the necessary documents or doesn't pass any exam stage, they will not be selected for the examination. All the aspirants have to systematically clear all the stages according to the medium of available subjects. A summary of the process is as follows: 

Agneepath Navy Selection Process

Conducted by & Official Site

Indian Navy

Type of examination



Hindi and English

Exam Phases

Phase I: Written Test

Phase II: Physical Fitness Test & Document Verification

Phase III: Medical Examination

Agniveer Navy Selection Process - Physical Fitness Test

The below table will explain everything about Agneepath Navy Physical Fitness selection. The attributes for analyzing physical fitness differentiate between males and females. These include bent knee sit-ups, push-ups, 1.6 Km run, and Uthak Baithak or squats. It is an added advantage for candidates if they are skilled in swimming, sports, and other extracurricular activities. 

Agneepath Navy Physical Fitness Process




Bent Knee Sit-ups






1.6 Km Run

6 minutes 30 seconds

8 minutes

Squats (Uthak Baithak)



Agneepath Navy Selection Process - Medical Exam

The final stage of the Navy Agniveer selection process 2022 is a medical examination. Official military doctors assist this stage per the medical standard defined in current rules permitted to Agniveer (SSR) & Agniveer (MR). Applicants who are discovered to be unhealthy are instructed to request urgently against their results if they desire to, at INHS Kalyani hospital, Visakhapatnam and INHS Nivarini, Chilka, within a maximum span of 21 days. No further review is acceptable if the candidate is declared unfit during any review stage. 

The candidate must be physically and mentally fit and should not suffer from any disease/disability as this may cause difficulty in their efficient performance of responsibilities. Medical examinations under Agneepath Navy Selection Process include checking for height, weight, and optical stability.


These criteria let us choose the perfect fit for the Indian Navy officer role. The candidate can be regarded as unfit if:

  • They have been discovered to have dominant characteristics of the opposite gender observed during an external physical inspection. 
  • Undergone with any gender reassignment surgery or hormone treatment. 

Agniveer Navy Selection Process During Pregnancy 

Agneepath Navy selection process does not allow pregnant women to appear for the examination. Females are not allowed to get pregnant during reporting or till the end of ab-initio training. If a female is detected to be pregnant, she will be disqualified, and her candidature will be denied.

Minimum Height Standards For Navy Agniveer Selection Process

The listed table below displays the gender and height criteria. Before choosing the Navy as your professional career, candidates should crosscheck whether they have the expected height per the Navy Agniveer selection process standards.




152 cm


157 cm

Agneepath Navy Selection Process - Visual Criteria

The students who wish to be a part of the Indian Navy need to match the visual standards with or without glasses as per the requirements mentioned below. 

Without Glasses

With Glasses

Worse Vision 

Better Vision 

Worse Vision 

Better Vision 





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FAQs on Navy Agniveer Selection Process

  • Indian Navy Agniveer selection process is a 3 stage procedure which must be cleared by the candidates to join the Indian Navy services. They will be evaluated on the written exam score, physical fitness is also examined, and finally, an applicant is tested whether he/she is mentally and physically healthy. An aspirant's height and visual attributes are also analyzed.

  • There are a total of 3 stages under the Agniveer Navy selection process. The first stage is a written exam, the second is where physical fitness is tested, and in the last stage medical condition of a candidate is examined along with parameters like height and visual benchmarks.

  • The Agniveer Navy selection process includes subjects like - English, Mathematics, Science, and General Knowledge. The applicants need to clear all divisions of the exam. Currently, this is only the expected written exam pattern and may get updated as per the notification from the Indian Navy.

  • Agneepath Navy selection process focuses on two important criteria for medical examination. These include a minimum height required for males and females, which is 157 cm and 152 cm, respectively. Additionally, a candidate must be able to see things properly and have 6/6 vision with or without spectacles.

  • Navy Agniveer selection process considers physical fitness as an important criterion in selecting candidates for joining the Indian Navy. The attributes include bent knee sit-ups, push-ups, 1.6 Km run, and Uthak Baithak or squats, which have defined requirements for male and female applicants. Bent knee sit-ups are only for females, and push-ups are only for male candidates.