Navy Agniveer Eligibility 2022: Age Limit, Qualification, Marital Status

Navy Agniveer Eligibility 2022: Age Limit, Qualification, Marital Status

ByPriya Gupta  |  Updated on: Jul 21, 2022
Agniveer Navy eligibility 2022 parameters are listed here. Learn about minimum educational qualification, Navy Agniveer age limit, nationality, physical fitness, etc. Check the latest information on Agneepath Navy eligibility criteria below.

Navy Agniveer eligibility 2022 criteria are listed here including age limit, nationality, the minimum qualification required, number of attempts, etc. Candidates willing to join the Indian Navy must have full knowledge of the Navy Agniveer eligibility criteria listed here. They should make sure they satisfy all the factors before they move on to fill out the application form. If candidates cannot fill in the exact information in the form or won’t be able to show documentary evidence to confirm their eligibility, their candidature may get rejected at any stage of the recruitment process.

Navy Agniveer eligibility 2022 has a checklist of important factors that have to be accomplished. Aspirants should organize all their original documents required during the application process. 

Agneepath Navy Age Limit

There are a few limitations of age to consider under Navy Agniveer eligibility 2022. The students who want to join the Navy must be between 17 to 23 years. The candidates must have been born not before 1st November 1999 and not after 30th April 2005 (both dates inclusive).

Agneepath Navy age limit is an important eligibility criterion one must look upon. Only young candidates get a chance to join the Indian Navy services under this new scheme. The main aim is to encourage talented youth to consider their career in the Navy.

Agneepath Navy Eligibility - Medical Standards

Medical Standards are included as one of the criteria of Navy Agniveer eligibility. The medical state is checked to analyze whether any candidate is mentally and physically stable. It is also inspected whether a candidate suffers from a disease or has some disability. Interference in any of these parameters can affect the efficient performance of one’s duties. The crucial medical standards are mentioned below.

Navy Agniveer Eligibility - Visual Standards 

The Indian Navy has defined a basic required eye vision (power) a candidate should possess. Listed are the fundamental criteria one should have to qualify for Agneepath Navy eligibility. Anyone applying for a Navy post must check the basic attributes that need to be fulfilled with or without wearing spectacles.


With Glasses

Without Glasses

Worse Eye



Better Eye



Agneepath Navy Eligibility During Pregnancy 

It is important to note that pregnant female candidates will not be allowed to give the examination and will be disqualified. If it is found that the candidate is pregnant before or after joining the training, her candidature will get rejected.

Navy Agniveer Gender Eligibility 

Any aspirant discovered to have prevailing characteristics of the opposite gender examined during the Agneepath Navy eligibility test will be rejected and finally disqualified for giving further tests for entering Navy services.

Agniveer Navy Height

Indian Navy has set a definite Agneepath Navy height eligibility, which is distinctive for both genders. The minimum height (in cms) for males is 157 cm, whereas, for females, the minimum height as per the Navy Agniveer eligibility is 152 cm.

Agneepath Navy Qualification

As per the Agneepath Navy qualification, youngsters should possess basic educational qualifications. To apply for the position of Agniveer (SSR), candidates should have qualified 10+2 exams in Physics, Mathematics, and at least one of these subjects: Computer Science/ Biology/ Chemistry/ from the Ministry of education board, Government of India.

Agneepath Navy Physical Eligibility

All aspirants must pass the Agneepath Navy physical fitness criteria. The parameters for which males and females are judged comprise a 1.6 Km run, squats, push-ups for males, and bent knee sit-ups for females performed for a specified time limit.

Agniveer Navy Eligibility - Physical Fitness




1.6 Km Run

6 minutes 30 sec

8 minutes







Bent Knee Sit Ups



Agniveer Navy Eligibility - Marital Status

Only unmarried males and females can enrol for the Agniveer (SSR) position as notified by the Government of India. Candidates must ensure not to get married until they complete the ab-initio training. If a person who has entered Indian Navy marries during this training period, they will get dismissed from serving the Indian Navy.

Agneepath Navy Eligibility - Maximum Attempts

The maximum number of times a candidate appears for the exam is currently not updated and has no limit. All the applicants can apply for the available posts till they lie between the maximum Navy Agniveer age limit criteria.

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Navy Agniveer Eligibility FAQs

  • Candidates interested in joining the Indian Navy must have full knowledge of the Agniveer Navy eligibility criteria listed here. They should make sure they satisfy all the factors before they move on to fill out the application form. The major parameters include age limit, educational qualification, marital status and nationality.

  • The minimum Agniveer Navy age limit of a candidate should be 17 years at the time of filling out the application form for the Indian Navy. The candidates must be born not before 1st November 1999 (date is inclusive). The upper age limit is 23 years for the 01/2022 batch, while in general it is kept as 17 to 21 years.

  • Currently, work experience is not a major parameter looked upon under Agneepath Navy eligibility. So, all the students, freshers dropouts, can appear for the Navy exam if they are below 23 years of age.

  • Students can give the exam as many times as they want. There is currently no limit for making attempts. But, it is also important to remember and qualify the other eligibility requirements while opting for the exam countless times.

  • Only unmarried candidates, including males and females, can appear for the assessment. If a student is 23 years of age and married, they would fulfil the age criteria but being married would not allow them to enter the post of Indian Navy.