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BBA & HM Free Study Plan | Service Sector Quiz | 21.04.2021

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Question 1

As a leader of your group, you are taking a group meeting about the target not being achieved up to the expectations. You will…

Question 2

One of your good friends do very well in the entrance examination and you have failed very badly in the same examination. You will…

Question 3

A well-known organization has sent you a questionnaire about the product you are using. What will you do..?

Question 4

In the discussion with your colleagues, you find that you are losing ground, you will….

Question 5

You are a hockey player and on the day before an important match your ankle got injured and you are not in a position to play. But your team wants you to play and insist on playing. You will…

Question 6

You are at a movie theatre with your friends and there happens to be an issue regarding which movie to watch and turns into a heating debate. What would you do..?

Question 7

Your teacher is not a good man. He asks for a bribe in order to give good marks in the practical examination. He threatened you to fail, what would you do?

Question 8

You are working as a manager in a hotel and there happen to be a regular guest who visits your hotel every time he comes to the city. But this time he is disappointed by the service. You will…

Question 9

One of the guests is taking a shower in a hotel room and the heater is not working in the room. He comes to you for help. You will…

Question 10

You happen to be in a store and suddenly two armed people come and start harassing a woman. What would you do..?

Question 11

You are working in an organization and you are not getting time even to eat food during the daytime. You will…

Question 12

You are working in an organization and there happen to be few people with whom you do not get along very well comes to you and need help. You will….

Question 13

One of your junior staff who has been working with you for a long time is now not taking the job seriously and not even replies to you. You will…

Question 14

You are traveling in a taxi to go to your office and on your way taxi breaks down and you are getting late for the office. You will…

Question 15

You have planned a day trip with your friends and you are leading the group. One of your friend from another town who is in your town and staying in a hotel, calls up that he needs your help as he is not feeling well, You will:

Question 16

His father is forcing him to join his family business but he wants to join the other industry. He will….

Question 17

Your class has been given a group task by your faculty and members of groups assigned to you are not known to you. You...

Question 18

You are staying in a hostel and sharing the room with fellow mates. When you leave the room to go to college, you…

Question 19

He and his friends were coming from the school on bicycles, his friend fell from the bicycle and his hand got fractured. He

Question 20

You are sitting in a restaurant and suddenly you see a man being inappropriate with a woman. You will...
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