National Income Estimates in India is Prepared By

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 5th, 2022

National Income Estimates in India are prepared by the Central Statistical Office (CSO). It is a governmental agency in India under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. Central Statistical Office (CSO) was formed on 2 May 1951. It is located in New Delhi and takes care of the statistical data of different departments.

Functions of the Central Statistical Office (CSO)

The CSO is responsible for the coordination of statistical activities and maintaining statistical standards. Apart from this, the responsibilities of CSO include:

  • the compilation of National Accounts Statistics (NAS).
  • plays an advisory role in statistical matters.
  • attend statistical work relating to the five-year plans in collaboration with the planning commission.
  • provides national statistics to the UN.
  • compilation and publication of national income statistics.

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  • The Central Statistical Office (CSO) prepares the National Income Estimates in India. It is a government body under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

  • The data representing a country's production, savings, investment, capital formation, and various other economic activities in a particular year is called the National Income Estimate.

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