National Income Estimates in India are prepared by _________.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 4th, 2022

National Income Estimates in India are prepared by the Central Statistical Office. It is the measure of the volume of services and commodities turned out during a given period counted without duplication.

Answer: Central Statistical Office (CSO) prepares the National Income Estimates in India.

It is a governmental agency, which is a division of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. CSO is responsible for the coordination of the statistical activities in the country and evolving statistical standards. The Director General heads the department and is assisted by 5 Additional Director Generals.

More details on Central Statistical Office (CSO)

It has various divisions to look after the different matters The key details pertaining to the Central Statistical Office (CSO) are:

  • The national accounts, which include Government and Private Final Consumption Expenditure, Gross Domestic Product, Fixed Capital Formation, and other macro-economic aggregates is prepared by the National Accounts Division (NAD).

  • Statistical monitoring of the Millennium Development Goals, Environmental-Economic Accounting, Grant-in-aid for research, workshop/seminars/conferences in Official/Applied Statistics, National/International awards for Statisticians, etc. are the responsibility of the Social Statistics Division (SSD).

  • Economic Statistics Division (ESD) conducts Economic Censuses, compiles the All India Index of Industrial Production(IIP), Energy Statistics and Infrastructure Statistics, and develops National Product Classification (NPC) and National Industrial Classification (NIC).

  • The responsibility of training manpower in theoretical and applied statistics to tackle the emerging challenges of data collection, collation, analysis, and dissemination is associated with Training Division.

  • Coordination and Publications Division (CAP) takes care of the coordination work within CSO as well as with the line Ministries and State/UT Governments in statistical matters.


National Income Estimates in India are prepared by _________.

Central Statistical Office (CSO) formulates the National Income Estimates in India.


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