Name the Island Group of India Having Coral Origin

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 2nd, 2022

Lakshadweep islands are a group of islands in India that have a coral origin. These islands are located on the shore of the state of Kerala in the southern region. Corals are basically short-period living organisms or marine invertebrates that live in a group or colonies and flash in shallow Mudd and warm water. They are called Atolls which are circular-shaped reefs.


Lakshadweep islands of India are the island group that have coral origin

An island or a group of islands that has a coral origin is a habitat for several other exotic and marine species. Corals form the coral reefs underwater and even a single coral is made up of many tiny corals called polyps.


Name the Island Group of India Having Coral Origin

The island group of India having coral origin is the Lakshadweep islands. Corals are marine invertebrates that form reefs underwater and are home to a wide range of marine species. 

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