Name the Cold Desert of India

By Sakshi Yadav|Updated : July 28th, 2022

Ladakh is the cold desert of India, it is located at a height of 3000 meters in Kargil to over 8000 meters in the Karakoram. Due to the high altitude, the air is so thin and one can feel the wind and heat of the sun at the same time. Ladakh lies in the Great Himalayas on the eastern side area of Jammu and Kashmir. It is commonly called Khapa-chan, which means snow land.

Ladakh is encompassed by the Karakoram Range in the north and the Zanskar Mountains in the south. The major reason why Ladakh is the coldest desert becuase it is situated at a high altitude and the air which blows here is so thin that a person can feel the sun's heat. Especially in the summer season the temperature rise above zero degrees and at the night it falls 30 degrees. Whereas in the winter season weather temperature is around 40 degrees. Ladakh receives the lowest rainfall due to the great Himalayan effect.


Name the Cold Desert of India

Ladakh has extreme dryness which brings down the flora and fauna of the region. This desert consists of various grasses, and bird species and cultivation activity are quite limited because of its harsh climatic change. But the one amazing thing about this region is it is the biggest tourist place, so people living here earn good business income by involving themself in small and medium-sized businesses.

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