Name the Book Written by Aryabhata

By Ruchika|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The name of the book written by Aryabhata is called Aryabhatiya. It is a book divided into five parts that were written in the Sanskrit language. The book discusses various ideas and thoeries of Aryabhata about mathematics and astronomy. The treatise has been found to be very useful by European scholars as well. 

The Book Written by Aryabhata

Aryabhata wrote the book Aryabhatiya in 499 AD. It was his treatise on astronomy and mathematics. The book is written in Sanskrit language and discusses various theories of Aryabhata. He discusses how the earth spins on an axis and the different periods of planets in relation to the sun. He also mentions in his work that the shine of the moon is due to the reflection of the sun's light on its surface. In Aryabhatiyam, he also discusses solar and lunar eclipses.

Aryabhatiya is divided into five parts: Gitikapadam, Dasageetika, Ganitapada, Kalakriya and Gola. The book was instrumental in the understanding of calculations of areas and spheres when it was translated to Latin in the 13th century. Aryabhatiya is considered one of the most intelligent works in the field of mathematics and astronomy that shaped modern-day concepts.

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  • The name of the book written by Aryabhata is Aryabhatiya which was written in 499 AD.

  • Aryabhata's book Aryabhatiya is about his theories on mathematics and astronomy.

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