M.tech Courses in India: Complete List of ME/M.tech Courses

By Mona Kumari|Updated : June 1st, 2022

M.tech courses in India: Engineering has been one of the most widespread courses in India, where thousands of students from across India work towards following a career in Engineering. Many students pursue B.Tech programmes in the various engineering disciplines obtainable in India. However, engineering candidates can pursue a master's programme in Engineering. Among the degrees where candidates will be able to pursue their postgraduate engineering programme include.Master of Technology (M.Tech) andM.E. (Master of Engineering). Engineering colleges in India offer a variety of courses or disciplines in engineering at M.Tech and M.E. levels. In this article, you can go through the list of engineering courses in M.E/M.Tech degree in India.

In India, the ME/MTech degree is proposed across various disciplines. These disciplines include Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, VLSI, Chemical Engineering etc.

ME/M.tech degree course is offered under the following categories:

  1. Regular (Full-Time)
  2. Sponsored (Full-Time)
  3. Part-Time Mtech
  4. Project Staff (sponsored projects)

Types of MTech Courses

With the increasing demand for MTech degrees, universities all over India have started to provide different forms of Master of Technology degrees to aspirants. Aspirants can also study part-time MTech and MTech distance education compared to traditional MTech.

Types of M.techEligibilityAdmission ProcessAvg Fee (INR)
M.tech Full-timeBE/B.techMerit/Entrance Exam BasedINR 50,000- 4 Lakhs
M.tech Part-timeBE/B.techMerit/Entrance Exam BasedINR 45,000
M.tech DistanceBE/B.techMerit/Entrance Exam BasedINR 27,000

Full-Time MTech Courses

One of the most favoured degrees among research fanatics who want to engage in technical research is M.tech or Master of Technology. After finishing a BTech or BE, pursuing a 2-year postgraduate degree with four semesters is conceivable.

M.tech is open as a full-time or part-time programme. Master of Technology degrees are available in various disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering.

Candidates with an MTech degree have various job opportunities in top industries such as IT, banking, and real estate.

MTech Part-Time

Working Part-Time Working professionals who cannot attend a traditional Master of Technology course might enrol in the MTech Degree Course. Students must have achieved a B.Tech degree with a specific cutoff rate to be admitted to this course.

Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, VLSI, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Electronics and Communication Engineering are disciplines that students can find Part-Time MTech courses in, depending on the college.

The following are the prerequisites for Part-Time M.tech Admission:

  • A BE/BTech degree or equivalent in appropriate disciplines is required for aspiring students.
  • To graduate from a BTech or BE programme, the student must attain a grade point average of 55 per cent.
  • Work experience is sometimes needed. This differs with each college, and sometimes no prior work experience is needed.

MTech Distance Learning

M Tech is a two-year postgraduate programme for individuals who have acquired a bachelor's degree in technology from a recognized university. The MTech online learning software has replaced traditional classroom education. Students in distance learning education take online lessons to learn. They are free to teach courses from wherever they desire, at any time. Students will have a more in-depth grasp of the disciplines they learned throughout their bachelor's degree through the distance M Tech programme.

List of Popular ME/M.tech Courses in India

The ME/M.tech course covers various topics, including advanced programming techniques, mathematical foundations, networking, etc. Here is the complete list of courses offered by different universities across India.

 Popular ME & M.tech Courses in India 
 Aerospace Engineering Aeronautical Engineering
 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Computer science Engineering
 Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering
 Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics & Electrical Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering Information Technology
 Automobile/Automotive EngineeringElectronic & Telecommunication
 Chemical Engineering Electronics & Instrumentation
 Biotechnology Engineering Agriculture Engineering
 Electronics Engineering  Design & Manufacturing Engineering
Food TechnologySoftware Engineering
Signal ProcessingEmbedded System
VLSI Design/ VLSI Technology 

Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programs in IIT Delhi 

In the list of  IITs M.Tech placement, we are moving towards Master of Technology programs at IIT Delhi. Let us look at the various interesting fields like design, chemical, computer science, atmosphere, communications etc. which are listed below.

» M.Tech. in Engineering Analysis and Design
» M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
» M.Tech. in Molecular Engineering: Chemical Synthesis & Analysis
» M.Tech. in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engg.
» M.Tech. in Rock Engg. and Underground Structures
» M.Tech. in Structural Engineering
» M.Tech. in Water Resources Engineering
» M.Tech. in Construction Engineering and Management
» M.Tech. in Construction Technology and Management
» M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering and Mgmt.
» M.Tech. in Transportation Engineering
» M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
» M.Tech. in Communications Engineering
» M.Tech. in Computer Technology
» M.Tech. in Control and Automation
» M.Tech. in Integrated Electronics and Circuits
» M.Tech. in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives
» M.Tech. in Power Systems
» M.Tech. in Mechanical Design
» M.Tech. in Industrial Engineering
» M.Tech. in Production Engineering
» M.Tech. in Thermal Engineering
» M.Tech. in Polymer Science and Technology
» M.Tech. in Mechanical Materials Engineering
» M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering 
» M.Tech. in Solid State Materials
» M.Tech. in Fibre Science & Technology
» M.Tech. in Textile Engineering
» M.Tech. in Textile Chemical Processing
» M.Tech. in Radio Frequency Design and Technology
» M.Tech. in Atmospheric-Oceanic Science & Technology
» M.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering
» M.Tech. in Mechanical Thermal Engineering
» M.Tech. in Energy & Environment Technologies and Management
» M.Tech. in Renewable Energy Technologies and Mgmt.
» M.Tech. in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engg.
» M.Tech. in Instrument Technology
» M.Tech. in Optoelectronics and Optical Communication
» M.Tech. in Telecommunication Technology and Mgmt.
» M.Tech. in VLSI Design Tools and Technology

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  • After getting an MTech degree, a candidate can earn 3- 10 lakhs annually. The candidate's salary also depends on the profile they are working on.

  • Of course, pursuing MTech after completing BTech is the right decision for students who want to increase their creativity and work more on their technical skills. It also provides you with great career opportunities.

  • In today's career opportunities, IT Experts with higher qualifications are required in almost all employment areas such as finance, arts, medicine, defence, and others. Some of the leading IT firms also prefer candidates with an M.tech degree.

  • Candidates who have finished their BE/BTech degree with a good score in GATE are eligible for the ME/MTech degree course. Candidates with a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences resulting in recognition of a Master of Science degree can also apply for the MTech degree course.

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