MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Last Minutes Preparation Tips: 10 Tips and Strategies to Crack Exam

By Ganesh Mankar|Updated : August 5th, 2022

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Last Minutes Preparation Tips: Maharashtra Public Service Commission conducts a recruitment process for various posts in Group-A and Group-B categories of the Government of Maharashtra every year through MPSC Rajya Seva Examination 2022. Here, we have given some MPSC exam 2022 preparation tips to be useful to the candidates for this exam.  In today's article, we will see some last-minute tips for MPSC Prelims Exam on 21st August 2022, which will definitely benefit you in the exam.


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MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Last Minutes Preparation Tips

Millions of students study for the MPSC Exam every year, but few pass the examination. So passing students have a good preparation strategy, and how to prepare for the last minute? He is fully aware of this. A lot of students study very hard and well throughout the year. But due to some last-minute mistakes, they get low marks in the exam. So students should not make such mistakes at the last minute. Also, what strategy should they adopt on the last day of the exam? All this information is given below for the students.  A proper and constructive revision strategy in the last week can boost your score in the MPSC Prelims exam 2022.


10 Best Last minutes Preparation Tips for MPSC exam 2022

Given below are 10 last-minute preparation tips for candidates appearing for the MPSC exam 2022:

TIP 1: Maintain Accuracy


  • You will know about your accuracy if you give enough MPSC Rajyaseva Test Series.
  • So, don't be tempted to guess too much. This can destroy your accuracy, which can lead to negative marking.
  • So, mark the answers only if you are sure. In the second round, mark the answers by the elimination technique.
  • If the numbers are still too low, go for the calculated estimate to take a chance.

TIP 2: Check on Time


  • Time passes in the exam hall. You never know when the exam will end.
  • So it is better to keep an eye on the time. But that doesn't mean candidates have to hurry.
  • Read the questions and options carefully before marking the answer on the OMR.
  • We strongly recommend marking the answers there and then waiting for all the questions to be completed before marking. This will help avoid last-minute crowds.

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Tip 3: Resolve Your All Queries


  • On the last day, while studying, if you have any doubts or questions about the MPSC exam subject, you should address your doubts by consulting your teachers or friends who have proper knowledge of the relevant Rajyaseva subject.
  • Resolving all your doubts is an important last-minute tip of MPSC exam, as there should be no confusion left in your mind before entering the examination hall.

Tip 4: Make Your Strong Sections Stronger


  • While preparing for the MPSC exam 2022, you can find some topics you have a good command of. So, the last-minute suggestion for Rajyaseva is that you must make those topics stronger.
  • You should not take concepts that are confusing and very difficult or difficult. Strengthening your subject will help you to get good marks.

Tip 5: Don't Start Any New Topic


  • The last few days of the MPSC Exam 2022 are not the right time to study new subjects, so you should avoid engaging in learning them.
  • If you continue to make new preparations, it will create confusion and increase your stress level, negatively affecting you in the Rajya Seva Examination.


Tip 6: Focus on Diagrams and Graphs


  • According to the last-minute tips of MPSC exam suggested by Topper, candidates are advised to revise with the help of diagrams & graphs.
  • With the help of diagrams & graphs, the candidates can revise the study notes in a very short period.

Tip 7: Solve MPSC Rajyaseva Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers


  • The last few days before the MPSC exam date should be devoted to solving mock tests and previous question papers. This will enhance your performance and also help you apprehend the difficulty level of the exam. 
  • Solving MPSC 2022 exam mock tests will help candidates understand the type of questions asked and the distribution of questions in each section.
  • MPSC Rajyaseva exam has the same advantage of solving last year's question papers. Solving the previous year's question papers to understand the level of the exam, the exact exam pattern, important topics, etc., is the most important step to success.

Tip 8: Order Of Attempting Questions


  • There is no specific/rigid order in which a candidate should answer the MPSC Exam questions. It is therefore advised that the candidate should follow a certain order to try the questions.
  • You can either try the longest section at the end and the easiest at the end or vice versa.
  • The order in which you try the questions greatly affects the overall performance. This decision will be made wisely as it may change the ratio of the marks obtained.

Tip 9: Health is Important


  • Some Topper suggests that you must be mentally and physically healthy when appearing for the MPSC exam 2022. To be healthy, you must take a healthy diet and exercise daily.
  • Do not skip meals while you are studying in the last days of preparation. If you do not eat properly, you may feel sleepy and tired.

Tip 10: Keep Calm & Believe In Yourself


  • Last but not least, keep calm and keep up the good content. You will find a way out of this predicament. Believe in your exam preparation, hard work, and self-determination.
  • Do not let any negative/stressful thoughts take over your mind. Have full confidence and try the paper with a lot of confidence and positivity.

MPSC Exam Pattern 2022

The MPSC Examination 2022 is conducted in three stages, the first stage is pre-examination, the second stage is the main examination, and the third stage is the interview.


The table below gives the updated MPSC Exam Pattern 2022:








Paper 1


2 hours




English & Marathi

Paper 2

A mix of Degree and School

2 hours




English & Marathi

To access the content in Marathi, click here: MPSC राज्यसेवा शेवटच्या मिनिटांच्या तयारीच्या टिप्स


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  • 12-15 months is usually a good time to prepare for the MPSC Rajyaseva exam. However, it may depend on how many hours a candidate spends preparing for the MPSC Rajyaseva exam.

  • Candidates should keep in mind the following five last-minute tips while studying for the MPSC exam 2022:

    1. Keep calm and believe in yourself
    2. Solve maximum mock tests
    3. Do not study any new subject
    4. Solve the questions with maximum accuracy
    5. Taking care of your health
  • Yes! The CSAT paper in MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims carries 200 marks, and these marks are not included in the cutoff marks for Prelims.

  • MPSC Rajyaseva Pre-Service Examination is for 400 marks in which there are two papers of 200 marks. But as per the new exam pattern now only GS Paper 2 marks will be taken into account while announcing the cut off for the main exam.

  • While studying for MPSC Rajyaseva, students should focus on revision as much as possible at the last minute. Do not read any new material in the last period. Also, any factual current affairs should be read during this period.

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