MPSC Subordinate Services Study Plan 2021

By Ganesh Mankar|Updated : September 3rd, 2021

With a view to the MPSC Subordinate Services (Combined) Exam 2021 to be held on 4th September 2021, it is a concern for aspirants how to plan the study in the last 20 days to get maximum score in the upcoming exam. This article aims to help facilitate a planner inclusive of such topics that have significant weightage in the MPSC Combined Exam. To know the details, check here.

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MPSC Subordinate Services Study Plan 

Finally, after two years, the MPSC Subordinate Service's pre-examinations will be held on September 4, 2021. A lot of students have been preparing thoroughly for two years; now, with only 20 days left, candidates have to meticulously plan and revise key topics having more weightage in the exam (as reflected in the previous year's papers). To help them in these crucial 20 days, key topics would be shared, and the quizzes based on them would also be uploaded. Check out the details:





Day 1


Day 2



Day 3



Day 4

Indian Polity


Day 5

Maharashtra Geography


Day 6

Maharashtra Geography


Day 7

Indian Economy


Day 8

Indian Economy


Day 9



Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Day 14


Day 15




Day 16


Importance of MPSC Combined Prelims Study Plan 

  • A study plan helps prepare and revise effectively as it defines a methodology to deal with the preparation. 
  • It facilitates the planning and execution of the systematic revision by resolving problems faced in each subject by an individual.
  • The study plan helps complete the syllabus in a stringent time frame and lets the candidate know what key aspects were missed or, if not missed, how much they can recall.
  • To make an effective study plan, the goal should be set, topics should be prioritized, and an effective study plan with systematic weightage must be given.
  • Increased productivity: The study plan helps split bulk topics into smaller chunks and helps make the candidate aware of the key areas required to revise more. In other words, it helps in knowing the strong and weak areas, and accordingly, time can be allocated.
  • It helps memorize better and ensures that while solving the questions papers, key concepts are well comprehended. In this manner, procrastination can be avoided.
  • The study plan helps ensure effective time management, and the candidate can prioritize the tasks.
  • With the study plan, candidates get to cover all the aspects of the study material they had been referring to during their preparation. Hence, the anxiety during the last days can be reduced, and more productive revision can be ensured.

How will this study plan benefit the aspirants of the MPSC Subordinate Service Exam?

Last 20 days of planning which is very useful even for new students. This is especially useful for those who have completed their syllabus before, who have studied properly. Those who are new will also benefit a lot if they study the given plan properly. We want to fight like a warrior by putting our lives on the line. Because we don't know when the exam will be held after this, we have to understand this as the last chance and deal with it completely. 

After the 11th of April, many went to the village. If they study for the remaining 20 days as given, they will also get very good marks. Many students will say that I need to go to the city for my study. We recommend not to go anywhere now because you don't even know that you would be able to study because of the change of place, even if you spend a week doing so, you will lose a lot. So, it is advisable to revise by curbing out on wasting time. If you have a job, you should take the last installment and study. How many hours should you study every day? No need to ask this question. Yes.

Dos and Don'ts of MPSC Subordinate Service Exam revision?

  • There are a total of seven subjects in the MPSC Combined Prelims Exam. 
  • Candidates are advised to choose the subject in which they have a stronghold. e.g., some aspirants find geography easy, and some find it easy, but the questions on this subject are simple, so you should start studying political science or geography first. 
  • Current Affairs is a topic that should be done in the last days, as it comprises a lot of information to be crammed. There are years, dates, plans, so it would be hard not to remember them for a long time. Therefore, current affairs should be done in the last few days. 
  • Don't pay too much attention to the results of the test series you solve every day. Don't pay attention to the less score to a degree you lose track of preparation. Even if you get 30-40 or 70-80 in Test Series, every time, focus on reducing mistakes in the test and not on the final score. Because there is a big difference between the Test Series and the original question paper, the emphasis should be on solving as many questions as possible. Don't miss this golden opportunity. 
  • Study each subject properly, practice. Re-read the elements where the questions attempted were wrong. 
  • Do one topic each day and try to finish it. To finish a topic in a day or two is just to read the important elements you have underlined.

After swimming in this endless ocean of MPSC and fighting with Corona, now you want to face the test that is standing in front of your eyes. There is no substitute for hard work in these twenty days. However, the 20-day planning for the upcoming exam will work for you, and we hope it will help maximize your score.

MPSC Subordinate Services Exam Pattern 2021

Check the MPSC Subordinate Services Exam Pattern for better understanding.

Subject and code

No. of Questions

Total Marks



Nature of Paper

General Ability Test



English & Marathi

1 hour


All the best!

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  • You Must read from May 2019 to October 2020. If you have more time, you should read October 2020 to December 2020.

  •  No need to do world geography for MPSC COMBINED EXAM 2021. Only the geography of Maharashtra and India should be studied.

  •  No, just do some important social reformers. Maharashtra specific reformer should be done first. The relevant list of social reformers has been given by the State Board of 11th.

  •  Various examples should be practiced daily for this component of Aptitude  and Reasoning testing. Give one to two hours daily for this  subject

  • There is a lot of factual information in this section on current affairs, so the study of this subject should be done in the last four-five days so that more will be remembered for the exam.

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