MPPSC Mains Exam Preparation: How to Prepare with Expert Tips & Guidance

By Trupti Thool|Updated : March 8th, 2022

After clearing the exam of MPPSC prelims you have to face the next stage of the exam that is the MPPSC Mains Exam 2021. Before beginning the MPPSC Mains preparation, go through the MPPSC Mains syllabus 2022. Here we are going to discuss how you can prepare for MPPSC Mains 2021 examination 

In this article we discuss the pattern of the MPPSC Mains exam, the number of questions and the Mains answer writing pattern of each question, subjects and their reference books which help you in the study.

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Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has released the Official MPPSC exam calendar for all MPPSC 2021-2022 exams. Check the detailed preparation tips for the MPPSC mains paper curated by experts along with the best books for the exam. 

Those candidates who are declared successful in the Preliminary Examination only will be able to appear for the MPPSC Written examination (Mains Exam). Check the MPPSC mains exam pattern to have a clear understanding of the exam. 

MPPSC Mains Exam Pattern

MPPSC Mains Paper consists of conventional descriptive-type questions. There will have a total of six papers in MPPSC. Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3, and Paper-4 will be general studies while the fifth and sixth papers are of Essay Writing and General Hindi. All papers will be bilingual, except for the Hindi language.



Total Marks



General Studies Paper-1


3 hrs


General Studies Paper-2


3 hrs


General Studies Paper-3


3 hrs


General Studies Paper-4


3 hrs


General Hindi


3 hrs


Essay Writing


2 hrs

Total Marks



MPPSC Mains Syllabus 2022

Candidates should understand and follow the syllabus for the MPPSC mains examination. This will help you to select relevant books & study materials, prioritize the topics & subjects, etc.

Paper-1: General Studies-I


  • Indian History
  • Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural History of India
  • Reactions of Indians against British Colonial Rule
  • Indian Cultural Heritage (with special reference to Madhya Pradesh)
  • Dynasties of Madhya Pradesh


  • World Geography
  • Geography of India
  • Geography of Madhya Pradesh
  • Water and disaster management 
  • Advanced Techniques in Geography 

Paper-2: General Studies-II

Constitution, Governance, Political and Administrative Structure (Part-A)

  • Constitution of India
  • Accountability and Rights
  • Features of Democracy
  • Indian political thinker
  • Administration and Management

Economics and Sociology (Part- B)

  • Economy with reference to Madhya Pradesh
  • Human Resource Development
  • Features of Indian Culture
  • Community Development Programme
  • Population and Health Problems, Status of Tribes in Madhya Pradesh, Women's Education
  • World Health Organization

Paper-3: General Studies-III

Science & Technology

  • Work, Power and Energy, Sound, Electricity, Magnet, Light, Heat
  • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Material
  • Microorganisms and Organic Farming, Cell, Nutrition, Reproduction, Diseases
  • Computer
  • Statistics
  • Communicable diseases and their Prevention
  • Major Health Organizations of Central and the State Government
  • Effects of Development on Human Life, Limitations of Indigenous
  • Biotechnology
  • Science Technology
  • Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Definition, Scope and Dimensions of Environment, Environmental Education
  • Definition and importance of Geology

Paper-4: General Studies-IV

  • Philosophy, Psychology and Public Administration
  • Philosopher/thinker, Social Reformer
  • Attitude, Aptitude, Emotional intelligence
  • Human Needs and Motivation
  • Corruption
  • Case Studies

Paper-5: General Hindi

सामान्य हिंदी एवं व्याकरण

  • लघुउत्तरीय प्रश्न 
  • संधि, समास, अलंकार, मुहावरे, कहावतें इत्यादि |
  • वाक्यों का अनुवाद 
  • प्रारम्भिक व्याकरण एवं शब्दावलियाँ 
  • अपठित गद्यांश 
  • पल्लवन 
  • संक्षेपण 

Paper-6: Hindi Essay writing

हिन्दी निबंध एवं प्रारूप लेखन 

  • प्रथम निबंध
  • द्वितीय निबंध: समसामयिक समस्याएं एवं निदान
  • तृतीय निबंध

MPPSC Mains Exam Question Type

There will be three types of questions are asked in the Mains exam.

  • The first type of question contains three marks each, in this answer, has to be given in a maximum of 20 words. In this section, four empty lines have been provided below the question.
  • The second type is short answer questions which carry six marks each and this question requires a 100-word answer. In the 100-word answer section, 11 lines have been provided.
  • The third type is long answer questions carrying 15 marks each and this section requires answers in 300 words. Three pages of space have been left empty for a 300-word answer.

Books for MPPSC Mains Exam 2022

Things to follow while preparing for the subject-

  • One source of information is enough for a particular subject.
  • Do not refer to more than one book for a particular subject like History, Polity
  • Candidates must prepare dates and maps
  • Previous years MPPSC question papers will give a good idea about the topics.


A) History and Culture

1.NCERT 6-12 history and Bipin Chandra

2.Spectrum: Brief History of Modern India

3.Nitin Singhania for culture

4.For MP history and culture- Barnwal, Punekar, Mahavir, Mukesh Maheshwari

5.Other topics- Internet and self-wit

6.Lucent General Knowledge

B)  Geography and Disaster Management

1.     NECRT – 6 to 12th

2.     Geography and you magazine

3.     Yojna magazine

4.     MP Geography – Mukesh Maheswari Book.

5.     Madhya Pradesh Ek Parichaya (Mc Grawhills Publication)

6.     School Atlas

7.     Internet



A) Polity

1.     NCERT – 11th Class

2.     M. Laxmikant

3.     Spectrum

4.     Lucent


B) Social Issue

1.     Knowledge of current affairs

2.     PIB and govt websites for schemes/programs

3.     International Organization (Internet)

4.     Chronicle

5.     Yojana magazine



A) Science & Technology- 

1.     NCERT

2.     Lucent

B) Reasoning and Data Interpretation

1.     Any book for basic reasoning

2.     Arihant Experts

3.     Previous year practice set

C) Environment

1.     NCERT

2.     Internet - DW, ORF, Science daily, India Science Wire (Vigyan Prasar)

D) Indian Economy

1.     NCERT- 11 and 12th

2.     Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

3.     Economic Survey & Budget – Union and Madhya Pradesh (MP Gov site)



1.     Ethics and Case Study

2.     Lexicon for Ethics by Chronical Publication

3.     Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude By G. Subba Rao



1.     General Hindi book

2.     Hardev Bahari Book For General Hindi

3.     Lucent Hindi for grammar and introduction to hindi



1.     Newspaper

2.     Nimbandh Mnajusha (Mc Grawhills Publication)

MPPSC Mains Exam Preparation Tips

  • The syllabus should be thoroughly understood.
  • You should give equal time allotted for each subject this can be done by making a proper timetable.
  • You must set a deadline for the preparation of each paper so you can complete the syllabus within the time limit.
  • Solve the last five years question papers by setting a timer.
  • With the help of previous year’s questions papers, you can locate the repeated questions asked for the examination. These questions can make your personal preparation smoother and easier accordingly
  • Regularly revise the topics and identify the weak and strong sections and work accordingly
  • Make short notes of each topic and update your study material

Our BYJU'S Exam Prep Team is always with you for your MPPSC Mains preparation.

All the Best!!

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  • To write the answers for the State Service Main Exam, one should first pay attention to the tendency of the questions. The question paper of State Service Main Examination is mainly divided into three types of questions, some of these questions are very short answer i.e., three marks, some questions are of medium level i.e., short nature, which can be answered in about a hundred words and some questions are essay, whose answer is to be written in about three hundred words.

  • The best time schedule for finishing the MPPSC syllabus is considered to be 12 months. That is 12 months of preparation for the MPPSC exam is enough to get succeed in this exam, given that you study smartly and hard work. 

  • Yes, you can. With hard work and smart study, you can crack this exam in the first attempt.

  • There is no negative marking in the prelims and mains of MPPSC.

  • General books for MPPSC examination are-

    Art and Culture-Nitin Singhania 

    Modern History-Spectrum, Bipin Chandra

    Ancient and Medieval History-R.S Sharma, Poonam Dahiya

    Geography-G.C. Leong


    General Science-Lucent

    Current Affairs-Newspaper, magazines, BYJU'S Exam Prep feeds

    MP Special-BYJU'S Exam Prep Notes/ Arihant-Know Your State

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