Movements such as the farmers’ march in Delhi can be sustained only if they !!

By Sunny|Updated : December 6th, 2018
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Conversations with many of the farmers who had occupied the streets of New Delhi in November revealed that their inspiration to protest was drawn from the Kisan Long March that took place from Nashik to Mumbai early this year. It also flowed from the poignant images recently seen in the media — of the bleeding and blistered feet of farmers, of Tamil farmers with human skulls at Jantar Mantar, and of the Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Rally in Delhi this September.

Yet this time was different and unprecedented. The tens of thousands of farmers had travelled from across the country enduring difficult journeys to the capital. Their sole aim was to get their demands heard, to reclaim their rural livelihoods, their fundamental rights, and Parliament itself. They wanted a resolution to the agrarian crisis.

Taken a step further, their mass action reflects a desire to reset the economic and political agenda of the country. This was a planned display of strong political will, made possible by the participation of 208 farmers’ and labour organisations and the support of 21 political parties which have shown willingness to consent to two private bills brought forth by the farmers: one on freedom from indebtedness and the other to do with increasing the Minimum Support Price in accordance with the Swaminathan Report.



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