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Most Probable Number (MPN)- Part 1 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

Statement (I): Limit of most probable number, which represents bacterial density in water, is one per hundred ml.

Statement (II): MPN measures presence of coliform bacteria which causes intestinal problems in human beings.

Question 2

Anaerobically treated effluent has MPN of total coliform as 106/100 mL. After chlorination, the MPN value declines to 102/100 mL. The percent removal (%R) and log removal (log R) of total coliform MPN is

Question 3

Consider the following characteristics of E.Coli bacteria:
1) Gram negative
2) Spore-forming
3) Facultative anaerobic
4) Bacillus
Which of the above are correct?

Question 4

Determine the MPN using the Thomas equation

Question 5

The MPN using the Thomas equation based on the table given below will be:

Question 6

A water sample is analyzed for coliform organisms by the multiple-tube fermentation method. The results of confirmed test are as follows:

The most probable number (MPN) of coliform organisms of the above results is to be obtained using the following MPN Index.

The MPN of coliform organisms per 100 mL is

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