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By Mona Kumari|Updated : July 2nd, 2022

Hi Engineers

With the beginning of the Monsoon season, the GATE & ESE exam preparation season has also started. So, to avoid delaying your preparation for your dream engineering job or higher studies, start preparing now with BYJU'S Exam Prep's Monsson series.

GATE and ESE are the two most important exams for every engineering student. And you all must be aware that to clear these exams with flying colours, you need to be the master of basic concepts. So by keeping this in mind, we are launching an exclusive series:  Monsson series, A Complete Series for GATE 2023 & ESE for All Branches. 

We bring you the ultimate Monsoon Series for GATE preparation of Byju's Exam Prep. With BYJU'S Exam Prep's Monsoon series, learn the most important topics through questions. you will get free YouTube videos for GATE Exams.

Classes in this course begin on 4th July 2022. Our expert faculty will cover all Important Subjects of GATE 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now to BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE, ESE & PSU YouTube Channel for all the live classes.

All the Monsoon Series classes will be conducted in the English Language.

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Find the schedule below for the classes of the Monsoon Series: CE/ME/EE/EC/CS.

Monsoon Series: EC/EE Schedule

4-Jul-2022M PhanindraControl SystemsBasics of frequency response plots.7:30 PM
5-Jul-2022M PhanindraControl SystemsBode plot Part-17:30 PM
6-Jul-2022M PhanindraControl SystemsBode plot Part-27:30 PM
7-Jul-2022M PhanindraControl Systems 7:30 PM
8-Jul-2022M PhanindraControl Systems 7:30 PM
9-Jul-2022M PhanindraControl Systems 7:30 PM
11-Jul-2022Rakesh TalrejaSIGNALS & SYSTEMS 9:00 PM
12-Jul-2022Rakesh TalrejaSIGNALS & SYSTEMS 9:00 PM
13-Jul-2022Rakesh TalrejaSIGNALS & SYSTEMS 9:00 PM
14-Jul-2022Rakesh TalrejaSIGNALS & SYSTEMS 9:00 PM
15-Jul-2022Rakesh TalrejaSIGNALS & SYSTEMS 9:00 PM
16-Jul-2022Rakesh TalrejaSIGNALS & SYSTEMS 9:00 PM

Monsoon Series: Mechanical Schedule

4-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFM 6:00 PM
5-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFM 6:00 PM
6-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFM 6:00 PM
7-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFM 6:00 PM
8-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharIndustrial EnggLPP & Queuing Model6:00 PM
9-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharIndustrial EnggForecasting & Inventory6:00 PM
11-Jul-2022Dheeraj SardanaTOMSimple Mechanism6:00 PM
12-Jul-2022Dheeraj SardanaTOMVelocity & Acceleration Analysis6:00 PM
13-Jul-2022Dheeraj SardanaTOM
Kinematic & Dynamic Analysis & Flywheel
6:00 PM
14-Jul-2022Dheeraj SardanaTOMBalancing &Vibrations6:00 PM
15-Jul-2022Dheeraj SardanaTOMGyroscope, Cams & Governors6:00 PM
16-Jul-2022Dheeraj SardanaTOMGear & Gear Trains6:00 PM
18-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharHMTSteady State Conduction6:00 PM
19-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharHMT
Unsteady State Conduction & Fin Theory
6:00 PM
20-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharHMTConvection (Forced & Natural)6:00 PM
21-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharHMTHeat Exchanger (LMTD & NTU)6:00 PM
22-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharHMTRadiation Shape Factor6:00 PM
23-Jul-2022Chandra ShekharHMTRadiation Analysis6:00 PM

Monsoon Series: Civil Schedule

4-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFMViscocity in Fluids and Newtonian Law6:00 PM
5-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFMViscous Flow through Circular Pipes6:00 PM
6-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFMLosses in Pipe Flow6:00 PM
7-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuFMFroude Model Law6:00 PM
8-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuOCFUniform Flow and Most Efficient Section6:00 PM
9-Jul-2022Satyajeet SahuOCFSpecific Energy and Critical Flow Condition6:00 PM

Monsoon Series: Computer Science Schedule

4-Jul-2022Anil PrasadCOA
Instruction set architecture: Memory reference instructions
8:00 PM
5-Jul-2022Anil PrasadCOA
Instruction set architecture: Memory reference instructions (Sub routine call and return)
8:00 PM
6-Jul-2022Anil PrasadCOA
Instruction set architecture:Register reference instructions
8:00 PM
7-Jul-2022Anil PrasadCOAIO instructions8:00 PM
8-Jul-2022Anil PrasadCOAHard wired conrol unit 18:00 PM
9-Jul-2022Anil PrasadCOAHard wired control unit 28:00 PM
11-Jul-2022DV SridharC Programming 8:00 PM
12-Jul-2022DV SridharC Programming 8:00 PM
13-Jul-2022DV SridharC Programming 8:00 PM
14-Jul-2022DV SridharC Programming 8:00 PM
15-Jul-2022DV SridharC Programming 8:00 PM


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