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Modulation Schemes and Decoding-III Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Minimum step-sized required for a delta-modulator operating at 30 k sample/sec to track signal u(t).

x(t) = 120t [u(t) – u(t – 1)] + (240 – 120t) (u(t – 1) –u(t – 2)

so slope overload is avoided, would be

Question 2

The message signal to a delta modulator is If step size is 0.1V, then sampling frequency required to avoid slope overload distraction is ________ KHz.

Question 3

The input to a linear delta modulator having Fa step size is a sine wave with frequency Fm and peak amplitude Em. If the sampling freq. FS = 40 KHz, the combination of the sinc wave freq. and the peak amplitude, where slope overload take place is

Question 4

The input to a Linear Delta Modulator [LDM] is sinusoidal signal

 having  and . This scheme uses a sampling frequency ‘’ and the step size ‘’ such that it is the minimum value required to avoid slope overload. Find signal to noise ratio (S/N).

Question 5

The voice signal in delta modulator is sampled at a rate 20.000 samples/sec. The normalized quantization noise power at the receiver output will be ______W.

Considering step size D such slope overload error will not occur.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

A sinusoidal signal having amplitude Am & fm is transmitted by using DM having step size of 0.72 volt. Sampling Rate is given by 50000 samples/sec., for which of the following option(s), slope overload error (SOE) will occur?
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