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Modulation Schemes and Decoding-II Starter Quiz

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

For a PCM system, if number of bits per sample increased from 8 to 10 then choose the correct option(s)?
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Question 2

An analog signal is quantized & Transmitted using PCM. The maximum tolerable quantization error in sample amplitude is 5% of peak to peak value of message signal. The minimum numbers of bits required to encode each sample is

Question 3

An analog signal is band limited to 4KHz and had its amplitude varying from -10 to10 V. It is then transmitted through a channel using a PCM system. The sampling rate is 50% higher than the Nyquist Rate. It is also given that the minimum bandwidth is 30KHz. Calculate the step size.

Question 4

If a periodic signal

x(t) = 2sin 2π f1t + Sin 2π f2t + 6sin 2π f3t

is PCM and encoded by a 4 bit encoder. Find signal to noise ratio (SNR in dB).

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A binary channel with capacity 36 K bits/sec is available, for PCM voice transmission. If signal is band limited to 3.2 KHz then, the appropriate values of quantizing level and the sampling frequency will be –

Question 6

The Bandwidth of the input to binary PCM is restricted to 4 kHz. The input signal varies from –3.4 V to 3 .4 V and has the average power of, the required signal to quantization noise power ratio is 20 dB . Assume uniform quantization, and then the number of bits required per sample is
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