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Modulation Schemes and Decoding-I Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Amplitude shift keying refers to

Question 2

Phase shift keying refers to

Question 3

A continuously operating coherent BPSK system makes errors at the average rate of 200 errors per day. The data rate is 500 bits/sec. The signal sided noise power spectral density is N0 = 10–10 W/Hz. If the system is ergodic, what is the average bit rate probability?

Question 4

In digital communication, bit rate is given as Rb bits/second. The bandwidth of BPSK and QPSK are

Question 5

In a BPSK demodulator, the local oscillator has a phase error of 20°. This phase error decreases the SNR by a factor of?

Question 6

In ASK system, bit 1 is represented with pulse, bit 0 is represented with no pulse where each pulse occupies a duration of 1 μ sec. Find the probability of error if it is affected by two-sided power spectral density of 2 × 10-6 W/Hz.
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