MMF Unit is

By Varadi Hema|Updated : July 29th, 2022

The unit of magneto motive force (MMF) is
A. Ampere turns per weber
B. Weber’s per meter square
C. Weber’s per ampere
D. Ampere turns
Select the correct answer from the above-given options and support your answer with a brief explanation.

Answer: D. Ampere turns

MMF unit is ampere-turns.


A force which sets up the magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit is known as magneto motive force. Magneto motive force is analogous to an electric circuit's electromotive force (EMF). In an electric circuit, EMF is responsible for the flow of charge, and in the magnetic circuit, magneto motive force is responsible for setting up the magnetic field. 

MMF is equal to the product of the number of turns of wire carrying current to current through these turns, and MMF has the units of Ampere-turns.



N= number of turns of a coil

I= current passing through the coil.

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