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Question 1

Subhas Chandra Bose was elected President of the Haripura Congress Session in ______.

Question 2

Who led the Civil Disobedience Movement in India?

Question 3

Which of the following Dynasty was founded by Qutb ud-din Aibak?

Question 4

Nathu la and Jelep la Passes are located in which mountain range?

Question 5

Which of the following rivers drains into the Bay of Bengal?

Question 6

Which one of the following States produce the largest amount of spices?

Question 7

Which of the following committees recommended inclusion of fundamental duties?

Question 8

Who among the following presented the Union budget of India for maximum times?

Question 9

Which article in Indian Constitution states about Fundamental Duties?

Question 10

Recently, who assumed charge as an election commissioner?

Question 11

The government of which state has launched 'Kisan Fasal Rahat Yojana'?

Question 12

World Water Day is celebrated every year on which day?

Question 13

Silk is obtained from which type of organism?

Question 14

Which condition is required to rust iron?

Question 15

Which of the following energy is NOT generated from sea?

Question 16

Operation Save Kurma is related to: -

Question 17

By which of the following, country’s first e-waste clinic is being setting up?

Question 18

Taiga forests are found in which of the following countries?

Question 19

Kishtwar National Park is located in:

Question 20

In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established?
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