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Question 1

Output of following program?
void dynamic(int s,…)
printf(“%d ”, s);
int main()
dynamic(2, 4, 6, 8);
dynamic(3, 6, 9);
return 0;

Question 2

The identification of common, sub-expression and replacement of run-time computations by compile-time computations is :

Question 3

A low pass filter is :

Question 4

The noise due to random behavior of charge carriers is :

Question 5

The first Network :

Question 6

The principal of locality of reference justifies the use of :

Question 7

A non pipeline system takes 50 ns to process a task. The same task can be processed in a six-segment pipeline with a clock cycle of 10 ns. Determine the speedup ration of the pipeline for 100 tasks. What is the maximum speedup that can be achieved?

Question 8

A balance factor in AVL tree is used to check

Question 9

A table joined with itself is called

Question 10

Process of analyzing relation schemas to achieve minimal redundancy and insertion or update anomalies is classified as :

Question 11

The combinational circuit given below is implemented with two NAND gates. To

which of the following individual gates is its equivalent?

Question 12

What is the average Access Time for a Drum rotating at 4000 revolutions per minute?

Question 13

The probability that top and bottom cards of a randomly shuffled deck are both aces is:

Question 14

Which of the following process scheduling algorithm may lead to starvation?

Question 15

Consider a system with m resources of same type being shared by n processes. Resources can be requested and released by processes only one at a time. The system is deadlock free if and only if :

Question 16

The sequence of operations in which PCM is done is :

Question 17

Which of the following is not defined in a good Software Requirement Spacification (SRS) document ?

Question 18

What is the testing to ensure the WebApp properly interfaces with other applications or databases ?

Question 19

Given two DFA’s M1 and M2. They are equivalent if :

Question 20

Assume that the operators +, -, x are left associative and ^ is right associative. The order of precedence (from highest to lowest) is ^, x, +, -. The postfix expression corresponding to the infix expression
a + b x c – d ^ e ^ f is
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