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Question 1

On a calm day a boat can go across a lake and return in time T0 at a speed V. On a rough day there is uniform current at speed v to help the onward journey and impede the return journey. If the time taken to go across and return on the day be T, then T/T0 is

Question 2

Two bodies, A(of mass 1 kg) and B (of mass 3 kg) are dropped from heights of 16 m and 25 m, respectively. The ratio of the time taken by them to reach the ground is :

Question 3

A particle moves in a straight line with a constant acceleration. It changes its velocity from 10 ms-1 to 20 ms-1 while passing through a distance 135 m in t second. The value of t is

Question 4

A particle starts its motion from rest under the action of a constant force. If the distance covered in first 10 sec is S1 and that covered in the first 20 sec is S2, then

Question 5

The motion of a particle along a straight line is described by the equation, x = 8 + 12t - t3
where, x is in meter and t in second. The retardation of the particle when its velocity becomes zero, is

Question 6

A man throws balls with the same speed vertically upwards one after the other at an interval of 2 seconds. What should be the speed of the throw so that more than two balls are in the sky at any time?
(Given g= 9.8m/s2)

Question 7

If a ball is thrown vertically upwards with speed u, the distance covered during the last t seconds of its ascent is:

Question 8

A particle moves along with x-axis. The position x of particles with respect to time t from origin given by x = b0 + b1t + b2t2. The acceleration of particle is

Question 9

A stone falls freely under gravity. It covers displacement h1, h2 and h3 in the first 5 seconds, the next 5 seconds and the next 5 seconds respectively. The relation between h1, h2 and h3 is :

Question 10

A particle moves a distance x in time t according to equation X = (t + 5)-1 The acceleration of particle is proportional to

Question 11

Calculate the molecular mass a gas if the vapour density of the gas is 22.

Question 12

Which of the following is the correct empirical formula for C4H10?

Question 13

Determine the empirical formula for a compound with 87.1% Ag and 12.9% S.

Question 14

Given that E°(Zn2+/Zn) = – 0 .763V

and E° (Cd2+/Cd) = – 0 .403V, the emf of the following cell:

Zn/Zn2+ (a = 0 .04) ||Cd2+ (a = 0 .2) / Cd is given by,

Question 15

If the pressure of H2 gas is increased from 1 atm to 100 atm. Keeping H+ concentration constant at 1 M, the voltage of Hydrogen half cell at 25° C will be

Question 16

In a Daniel cell [Zn/Zn2+//Cu2+/Cu], if the EMF is 1.1 V, then

Question 17

Boiling point of ethers is much less than that of alcohols because

Question 18

The order of reactivity of halogen acid for the formation of alkyl halides by the reaction
R-O-R + HX RX + R-OH is:

Question 19

The heating of phenyl-methyl ethers with HI produces

Question 20

25 ml of hydrogen and 18 ml of iodine when heated in a closed container, produced 30.8 ml of HI at equilibrium, hence the degree of dissociation of HI at the same temperature is (approximately)
(given: )

Question 21

Question 22

If  then  =

Question 23

If tan–1 + tan–1 = , then x =

Question 24

If adj B = A, |P|=|Q|=1, then adj(Q-1BP-1) is

Question 25

If A is symmetric as well as skew symmetric matrix, then-

Question 26

If a > 0 and  has magnitude  then  is equal to :

Question 27

Let z0 be a root of the quadratic equation, x2 + x + 1 = 0. If z=3+6iz0 81 - 3iz0 93, then arg z is equal to :

Question 28

If A = {λ {λ, μ}}, then the power set of A is

Question 29

Let  be the universal set, and let  and  be two of its disjoints sets. Then the value of  is,

Question 30

If in a ΔABC, , then one angle must be exactly equal to.
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