MICAT 2 Exam Analysis (Batch 2022-24): Difficulty level, Sectional Analysis, Cut-off

By Aditi Joshi|Updated : January 29th, 2022

MICAT Exam Analysis 2022: MICAT 2 was conducted successfully on 29th January 2022. MICAT is a national-level exam. MICAT-I was conducted on 4th December 2021. MICAT- 1 and MICAT- 2 2022 saw a few changes in the paper pattern. The questions varied from last year. However, MICAT-2 2022 was similar to MICAT-1 2022. There were a total of 234 questions asked in MICAT-2. MICAT consisted of 3 sections- Section A- Psychometric Test, Section B-Descriptive Test, and Section C- Divergent and Convergent Thinking; Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Data Interpretation and General Awareness. BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts will give a detailed MICAT 2022 Analysis. The following article covers the detailed section-wise analysis of MICAT- 2, 2022.

Table of Content

The total duration of the MICAT -2 exam was 135 minutes. Section C had the maximum time limit of 80 minutes where the candidates could navigate between Divergent and Convergent Thinking, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, General Awareness. The article covers the following aspects of the MICAT 2022 Analysis.

  • MICAT-2, 2022 Highlights
  • Difficulty level (sectional and overall)
  • MICAT- 2 Section-wise exam review
  • Expected Cut-off

Important Highlights of MICAT -2 2022-24 Exam

  • MICAT-2, 2022 was conducted in a single shift on 29th January 2022
  • The level of difficulty of MICAT-2 remained similar as of MICAT-1
  • MICAT-2, 2022 consisted of 3 Sections 
  • MICAT 2022 was conducted twice- MICAT-1 and MICAT -2
  • The candidate could navigate between the sections in Section C
  • MICAT -2,2022 was a CBT (Computer Based Test) paper
  • There were a total of 234 questions asked in the exam

MICAT Exam Pattern

The structure of the MICAT -2, 2022 test was as follows:



No. of Questions

Time Allocated

Negative Marks


Psychometric Test





Descriptive Test





  1. Divergent & Convergent Thinking


(Students could navigate)


2.  Verbal Ability



3.  Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation



4.  General Awareness




  • There is NO NEGATIVE marking for questions from PT and DT sections.
  • There is a negative marking of 0.25 for every incorrect response from VA, QA, GA, and DCT sections
  • For every correct response, +1 will be rewarded   

MICAT-2 Exam Analysis 2022: Difficulty Level (January 29, 2022)

The overall difficulty level of the MICAT- 2 was similar to MICAT I. MICAT-1 which was earlier conducted on 4th December 2021 had a difficulty level of Moderate to Difficult. Similar to MICAT-1 paper, MICAT-2 also saw the questions consisting of up to 8 options which made the paper a bit lengthy. 

MICAT-2 Exam Review 2022 (Section-wise)

The section-wise review of the MICAT-2 held on January 29th, 2022, is given below.

MICAT-2, 2022 Exam Review Psychometric Testing

There were a total of 150 questions from this section which a candidate needed to attempt in 30 minutes. MICAT- 1 had a difficulty level of Moderate to Difficult for this section. This section was majorly about :

  • Openness to Creativity
  • New Ideas
  • Science v/s Art

MICAT-2, 2022 Exam Review Descriptive Test

The section consisted of 4 questions. The duration to attempt this section was  25 minutes. MICAT- 2 2022 had a difficulty level of Moderate for this section. However, MICAT -1 was above moderate in terms of difficulty level.

A few questions are mentioned below:

  • The first three questions were related to Convenience is Supreme:
    3 points FOR (10 marks)
    3 points AGAINST (10 marks)
    3 steps a Manager should take to ensure how to work at his convenience while keeping the key stakeholder at ease -300 words
  • The fourth question had ‘4 Pictures’
    -Mop which looks like a human face
    -A woman is dead on the ground with colour coming out of her mouth and a photographer next to her
    -Lot of birds on a black background
    -One bird in the sky

In the fourth question, the candidates were required to create a story combining all four pictures.

MICAT-2, 2022  Exam Review Divergent and Convergent Thinking

This section had a total of 20 questions. This section had a difficulty level of  Moderate. MICAT-1 had a difficulty level of Moderate-Difficult for this section. There were 2 questions on Word Rearrangement (letters of 4 words), the question asked was Which of the following have been jumbled up in the same way. 
The topic-wise break-up is given below   


Number of Questions

Level of Difficulty

Verbal Reasoning

Word Association


Moderate - Difficult

Critical Reasoning (1 assumption & 2 conclusion)



Grouping Words



Non-Verbal Reasoning 

Visual Reasoning


Moderate - Difficult





Mathematical Reasoning


Circular Arrangement (DS)


Matrix Arrangement (DS)


 MICAT-2, 2022 Exam Review Verbal Ability

There were a total of 20 questions from this section. The overall difficulty level of this section was Moderate. The difficulty level of this section on Day 1 (MICAT 1) was Moderate-Difficult. MICAT -2 Format was the same as MICAT -1 but it was not as difficult as MICAT-1. There were 3 RCs asked in this section. The RCs were Doable. The RCs were on the following topics:

  • Brain (150 words)
  • AI and Human Existence/ Self (350 words)
  • Economy (50 words)

The paper was moderate especially for those who had appeared for MICAT-1. The paper had the expected 8 options which were earlier seen in MICAT-1. The Vocabulary part, however, was a bit difficult. The detailed topic-wise break-up of questions is mentioned in the table below:


Number of Questions

Level of Difficulty

Para Jumbles

2 (5 sentences)


Brain (RC with 150 words)



RC 2 with 50 words



RC 3 with 350 words


Easy - Moderate


2 (Words/Idioms Based)

Moderate - Difficult

Sentence Correction( Grammar Based)



Error Detection (Vocab/ Grammar-based)


Moderate - Difficult

Match the column (Antonyms)



MICAT-2, 2022  Exam Review Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

The MICAT-2 Quantitative Ability section had an overall difficulty of  Moderate. MICAT -1 had a difficulty level of Moderate-Difficult for this section. This section consisted of 20 Questions. Every question in Quant had 8 options. The questions in Quant were, however, a bit tricky. The DI sets had a lot of information which made it a bit time-consuming.

 The detailed topic-wise break-up is given below. 


Number of Questions​

Level of Difficulty​








Modern Maths​




Data Interpretation ​(Multi Chart (2 bar, 2 pie, 2 line)

1 Set (4 Questions)​

MICAT-2, 2022 Exam Review General Awareness

This section had a total of 20 questions. The difficulty level of this section was similar to MICAT-1. MICAT -1 had was Difficult in terms of the difficulty level. MICAT-2 had questions majorly on Match the following and True and Untrue. The questions consisted of both Static GK and Current Affairs. The General Awareness section had more questions from Current Affairs.

A few questions asked were: ​

  • Books and Authors
  • Media House and Owners
  • Brand Ambassadors- Female Celebrities
  • Banks and Taglines (Punjab National Bank, ICICI, Oriental Bank of Commerce etc)
  • Many questions on Govt. Policies
  • Which of the following are the Features of Oligopoly
  • COVID Vaccine Companies and their CEOs
  • Celebrities and their Film Companies
  • Africa Geography

Expected MICAT-2 Cut Off 2022

The cut-off of MICAT-2 will vary as it is dependent upon the subjective part. Someone can get a call at 32-33 and someone else with 40 might not if the subjective part isn't liked.


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  • MICAT II 2022 was conducted on 29th January 2022

  • The duration of the exam was 135 minutes for all the 3 sections.

  • There were 150 questions in the Psychometric Test Section which the candidate had to answer in the allotted 30 minutes.

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