Metals are Good Conductors Due to

By Sakshi Yadav|Updated : July 28th, 2022

Metals are called good conductors because it has free electrons which allow current to flow and whenever the negative charge is involved at one end the electrons are repulsed from the negative charge and move towards the other end. The electrons which are available in the outer shell of metal are loosely bound because the nucleus has very less appeal to the outermost shell of electrons. Therefore while using heat the electrons of metal become portable and generate electricity that is why metals conduct electricity due to the existence of free electrons.

Both in molten and solid states metals generate electricity and the conductivity of metal is because of free electrons available in a solid and molten state. The conductivity of the ionic compound is electricity only in solution because the conductivity of the ionic compound is due to ions that are present in the solid state but becomes free only in a molten state.


Metals are Good Conductors Due to:

In simple terms, an electrical conductor is a material through which electricity flows through them. This property of conductors that allows them to conduct electricity is known as conductivity. Electric current is the flow of the electrical conductor whereas the force required to create that current flow through the conductor is called voltage.

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