Memory Based Questions Asked in UGC NET 2nd December 2019 Exam

By Nikhil Verma|Updated : December 2nd, 2019

Memory Based Questions Asked in UGC NET December 2019 exam. The first shift of the UGC NET 2nd December 2019 Exam is over now. Here we are sharing the topic-wise questions of UGC NET 2nd December 2019 1st shift exam. The NTA (National Testing Agency) has started the UGC NET exam by conducting the first day of the exam today. The UGC NET December 2019 exam was conducted in 2 shifts i.e. Shift I (09.30 AM -12.30 AM), Shift II (2.30 PM -5.30 PM).

Students who appeared for the UGC NET exam judged the difficulty to be in the range of Easy-Moderate for the overall exam. To help the students who are appearing for the exam in the upcoming shifts, we are providing you with the memory-based questions/topics which were asked in the shift held today in 1st Shift.

Questions Asked in 1st Shift of UGC NET 2nd Dec 2019 (Topic-wise)

1. Maths/Reasoning

  • 3,8,18,38,78. 78 is the right answer. (Number Series)
  • If 3:5 is added with 8 to make the new ratio as 5: 9. What are the numbers? (Ratio)
  • Alphabetical series CROME= BQ5LD
  • Simple Interest Question

2. Higher Education

  • Which among the following is a non-statutory body? Ntet, ncert and two other options
  • Question on Ancient Education
  • Yoga was included in which policy:
  • Question on Match the following: DigiLocker, Shodhganaga

3. Reding Comprehension

  • Passage on Comprehension question was based on Democracy.

4. Data Interpretation

  • Passage of the number of enrollments in the different programming languages courses.

5. ICT

  • WORM Full Form: Write once read many
  • Arrange these in terms of access speed, from fastest to slowest memory.

    i. DVD

    ii. Hard Disk Drive

    iii. CD

6. Logical Reasoning

  • Paksha - minor or major: Minor is right answer.
  • Pramana - 1 Question
  • Fallacy - 1 Question
  • If consequent integers form together to make 60, 3*4*5=60, it is an example of,

    1). non-verbal reasoning

    2). deductive reasoning

    3). inductive reasoning

7. Environment

  • Question on Sustainable Development Goals
  • World Environment Day Theme: Air Pollution if in option is right.
  • UNFCCC Conference
  • Question on Agenda 21 or Rio Summit.

8. Teaching Aptitude

  • Teaching aptitude match the following on Formative, summative, norm, criteria refrenced test.
  • Question on Effective Teaching
  • Reflective Teaching

9. Research Aptitude

  • If research is conducted on the basis of socio-economic background for boys and girls, what would be the independent variable?


    a. gender

    b. socio-economic background

    c. thesis

    The thesis is right if in option.

  • Question on Outside Research (Hypothesis)

10. Communication

  • Question on Classroom Communication

Note: We will keep on updating more questions of Shift 1 & Shift 2 as and when received by the candidates.

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