Medieval History Notes: All about Shershah Suri

By Sandeep Baliyan|Updated : March 5th, 2016

Shershah Suri

  • Shershah’s original name was Farid.
  • He was born in Hissar Firosa.
  • His father was Hassan Khan
  • His family came to India from Afghanistan.
  • He entered the service of Baharkhan Lohani of Behar from whom received the title of Sherkhan, for killing a lion single handed.


  • Later he became a member of the Mughal court of Babur.
  •  In 1539 by the battle of Chausa, Sherkhan defeated Humayun for the first time and assumed the name Shershah.
  • Later in 1540 he completely defeated Humayun in the battle of Kanauj and founded the Sur dynasty.
  • While directing the operations of his artillery at Kalanjar against the ruler of Bundelkhand Raja Kirat Singh, Shershah was seriously wounded by a sudden fire from his own artillery and died on May 22, 1545.
  • Shershah constructed the Grand Trunk Road from Sohargaon to Attock (Calcutta to Amritsar)
  • He introduced the National Highway concept for the first time in India.
  • Now the Grand Trunk Road is known as Shershah Suri Marg. Its part from Delhi to Amritsar is known as National Highway -1.
  • Grand Trunk Road is also known a ‘Long Walk’.
  • He was the first ruler to introduce Silver Rupiya (one rupiya was equal to 64 dams) and gold coin Ashrafi.
  • He built the Purana Qila in Delhi (its Construction was started by Humayun) and his own Mousoleum (Tomb) at Sasaram in Bihar.
  • He also constructed the Khooni Darwaza (blood stained gate) the gate way of Firozshah Kotla in Delhi.
  • Hindi poet Malik Muhammed Jayasi completed his Padmavat, during his reign.
  • His Revenue system was excellent and hence Akbar’s administrative reforms were modelled after him. He is regarded as the forerunner of Akbar.
  • Shershah was succeeded by his son Islam Shah. The last Sur ruler was Sikkandar Shah Sur. Who was defeated by Humayun in 1555 by the battle of Sirhindh.


Sandeep Baliyan


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