Trusses and Frames

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 25, 2021, 6:58

Trusses and frames are an essential mechanical engineering topic that deals with machine design's geometric shapes. If you refer to the trusses and frames book, you must know the basic difference between the truss and the frame. A truss is made of rods arranged to form a triangle shape, whereas frames are beams joined randomly to make the frame of the design in any given shape. It is an important part of mechanical design, as prototypes are made from this.

Trusses and frame questions are asked in several state and national level exams.

Important Trusses and frames Topics for GATE ME

Trusses and frames is a broad topic, and consists of a considerable syllabus. The major topics for trusses and frames study material for GATE ME are given below.



Stiffness Matrix

It determines the forces and stresses any given structure can handle where the rods are used.

Nodal displacement

It is the movement of nodes/ joints due to the freedom that the change of density provides.

Direction Cosine

These are the vectors representing the directions in the analytical geometry.

Tips to Solve Trusses and frames Questions for GATE

The following are some tips that you can follow while solving trusses and frames questions.

  • Trusses and frames GATE questions and answers PDF are based on machine design concepts. Hence have a good idea about geometric shape and figure.
  • Prepare excellent trusses and frame notes for the GATE that contains all the details of the various logic gates. These trusses and frames GATE notes will help you while revising.
  • Practise trusses and frames online quizzes from online sites. These trusses and frames online tests help you in preparation for the real exam.
  • Have knowledge of all the trusses and frames topics for GATE ME, as several topics are repetitive, such as the single and rotational matrix, the direction cosines and the structure shape.

Importance of Trusses and frames in GATE

Here's why trusses and frames are an integral part of the GATE and other competitive exams:

  • It checks whether you can assess the various types of structures and their properties. And also your grasp on the trusses and frames GATE syllabus.
  • GATE requires you to acquire the basic knowledge of different trusses and frames processes and apply them using mathematical equations.
  • The concepts of trusses and frames are used in real-life situations, as mechanical and civil engineers who must check the various components of any new structure.

Most Recommended Books for Trusses and frames

The following are some of the best books of trusses and frames for computer science that can help you prepare for the trusses and frames syllabus for GATE.

Book Title


Structural Mechanics

KG Olsson

Finite Elements for Truss and Frame Structures

Andreas Oechsner

Truss and Frames: Recent Advances and New Perspectives

A Kentli

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Q. What are the basics of trusses and frames?

Trusses and frames are made of rods and beams to depict the real-life structure as a miniature model. It can also be used in the main structure

Q. What does the mechanics of truss and frames are about?

Any elastic and inelastic structure follows the conventional physical laws of nature and is governed by simple physics laws.


Q. How are mechanical structures made?

They are made by assembling different parts like beams, rods, and frames to get the final designed structure.

Q. Can a frame survive in the fluid?

Yes, it can survive if the fluid forces are not enough to dismantle the structure.