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Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 5:33

The energy emitted by matter in electromagnetic waves or photons is called a Radiation heat transfer. The only mode of transfer of energy between the Sun and the Earth is Radiation. In all bodies, the energy radiation takes place in the form of photons. A photon is the smallest discrete amount, which is one quantum of electromagnetic energy. The Radiation syllabus for GATE has a few of the most important topics with high weightage from Heat Transfer in the GATE ME Examination. You can crack Radiation GATE questions with continuous practice by attempting Radiation online test, Radiation online quiz, Radiation MCQ questions, and other Radiation study material for GATE ME available online.

Important Radiation Topics for GATE ME

Referring to the Radiation GATE syllabus and Radiation GATE questions, we have picked the important topics to help you prepare better for the GATE exam. Given below are the essential topics of Radiation for computer science and Mechanical Engineering.



View Factor

View Factor is a parameter independent of radiation properties and the temperature and is a purely geometric quantity.

Wien's Displacement Law

According to Wien’s displacement law, the product of wavelength at which the maximum value of monochromatic emissive power occurs and the temperature is constant.

Radiation Network Analysis

In Radiation Network Analysis, you will be studying the Irradiation, Radiosity, Radiation heat exchange between two finite surfaces, complete radiation network between two surfaces exchanging heat by radiation, and applications of the radiation networks.

Black and Grey Surfaces

A black body absorbs all the incident radiations irrespective of their direction and wavelength. Whereas, a medium whose monochromatic emissivity does not change with the wavelength is the grey surface. This topic will cover these two concepts in detail.

Electrical Analogy

Expressing mechanical systems as electrical networks is called an electrical analogy.

Tips to prepare Radiation for GATE ME

The Radiation topics for GATE ME are such that they can be prepared in no time if a proper format and guideline is followed for studying. Given below are the tips to excel your preparation for GATE examination.

  1. First things first, understand the Radiation GATE syllabus and the GATE exam pattern.
  2. Find the best Radiation Book, which will help you in getting all the concepts cleared.
  3. According to your grasping power, create a timetable which will help you in studying Radiation effectively.
  4. Create your Radiation GATE notes. If you feel that you have no time left in hand, there are also Radiation notes for GATE pdf online. You can anytime refer to those.
  5. Once you feel prepared, start attempting Radiation MCQ questions, Radiation online quiz, and Radiation online test. This will boost your confidence and will help in knowing the topics you are weak at.
  6. For revision, referring to the notes or Radiation GATE questions and answers pdf would help you a lot.

Importance of Radiation in GATE

  1. Radiation is such a heat transfer that takes place in the electromagnetic form of waves. Radiation is one of the essential topics in Heat Transfer.
  2. Radiation and other Heat Transfer topics will help you score 6-8% marks in the GATE exam.
  3. With dedication and proper practice, you can crack all the questions from Radiations and boost your GATE score.
  4. Radiation has its application in many fields - right from space exploration, archaeology, to geology. This makes it an important topic to be studied as an engineering student.

Most Recommended Books for Radiations for GATE

Radiation is a topic from Heat Transfer, a core subject of Mechanical Engineering. Few of the most recommended Radiation books are given below.



Heat and Mass Transfer

P. K. Nag

Heat Transfer

J. P. Holman, Souvik Bhattacharyya

Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

R. C. Sachdeva

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Q: What is radiation heat transfer?

A: Energy emitted by matter in the form of electromagnetic waves or photons is called a Radiation heat transfer.

Q: What are the assumptions in the View Factor?

A: The assumptions are as given:

  1. The surfaces are diffuse emitters.
  2. The radiation which strikes any surface does not necessarily get absorbed by the surface.
  3. Radiation that strikes the surface after getting reflected by others is not considered in view factor evaluation.

Q: What is the equation of Wien’s Displacement Law?

A: λmaxT= constant

Q: What is Radiosity?

A: Radiosity of a surface is the total thermal radiation that leaves the surface per unit time and unit area.

Q: What is the surface resistance for a black surface?

A: Zero. ∵[1-εε.A] = [1-11.A] = 0